Food Inventory Buyers New Jersey

The food inventory buyers of New Jersey turn to experts in the liquidation industry like Lewisco Holdings for quality, prices, service, and fairness. Our broad base of contacts allows us to deal in a large quantity of goods, at all times of the year.

Food Inventory Buyers New JerseyThe basic process that we follow involves the purchase of goods that are no longer suitable for the original market and then the transfer of those goods discreetly into alternative customer channels where they can be used without causing damage to the brand’s reputation.

If an imbalance in inventory has begun to hinder the pace of profits within your business, turn to buyers far removed from the first markets. We at Lewisco Holdings provide this avenue. We buy and redistribute goods in a variety of conditions that aren’t ideal for primary markets any longer. These conditions may include closeouts/markdowns, discontinued product lines, overstocked goods, expired or nearly expired products, outdated versions of products with upgrades of packaging or formulations, canceled orders or turned down loads, seasonal/holiday/promotional lines, or otherwise slow-moving product lines.

The Second Act of Quality Food and Household Products

Dates on packages are typically indicative of a best guess at when peak freshness will occur. These dates rarely indicate when products will go bad, and as long as they’re treated well, the goods will still be safe for consumption. The best ways to judge quality remain visual, aromatic, and taste evaluations.

We buy and resell a wide range of products including all of the following:

  • Shelf-stable foods
  • Frozen and refrigerated foods
  • Fresh foods
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • HBA products
  • Paper goods
  • Cleaning chemicals and implements
  • Other closeout household merchandise

Buy Lewisco Holdings Inventory

Buying the inventory that we purchase and offer for redistribution is a privilege reserved for the alternative sales market. We do not sell to restaurants, convenience stores, or supermarkets. Instead, we sell to a group of about 400 separate entities that operate in a world far removed from the original markets. These spaces include private mom-and-pop shops, food pantries, prisons/jails, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, farmers markets, flea market vendors, schools, and other alternative options.

We restrict all of our customers from advertising, displaying products, violating geographic bounds, or selling on a wholesale basis. When needed, we also provide repackaging options under our own private label Mabel’s Farms.

Choose Lewisco Holdings

The choice to liquidate rather than holding on to tainted goods or throwing them away is the wise business decision, as long as you find a discreet liquidator like Lewisco Holdings. Our process helps open up first-line companies to profitability with new investments in better selling products.

We offer protection to the original brand by requiring that our customers follow the restrictions of the manufacturer.

The process that we provide also benefits the secondary market. Choose us as your source for high-quality, low-priced goods. We make it easy. Let us know the goods that interest you, and when they become available, we’ll provide you with the opportunity to make the purchase.

Lewisco Holdings provides an essential service to food inventory buyers and sellers throughout New Jersey. We provide quick offers, payment, pickup, and delivery to the Lower 48. To begin your own order or liquidation service, call us today at (917) 651-0101 or follow this link.