Food Inventory Buyers California

Opportunity food buyers in California take advantage of the highly discounted, quality goods within the Lewisco Holdings inventory. We buy products that are no longer appropriate for the original lines of distribution and transfer them to alternative channels.

Food Inventory Buyers CaliforniaWe at Lewisco Holdings are the leading liquidators in the United States for excess food, beverage, and other household goods. Our numerous inventory sources and buyers make it possible for us to do business all over the continental US. We also have thirteen warehouses across the country and a dedicated carrier network to operate as quickly as possible.

Buying Unwanted Inventory through Liquidation

Liquidation is the process of buying surplus products from retailers, manufacturers, and warehouse distributors and then selling those goods to secondary market members where the brand can be protected.

Lewisco Holdings buys a swathe of product categories including refrigerated, frozen, dry, and canned groceries; alcohol-free refreshments; wet and dry pet food and treats; bulk candy, spices, and food staples; and HBA merchandise, paper goods, cleaning items, and other household goods. If you would like to buy from or sell to Lewisco Holdings, reach out for more information.

The sources of inventory for Lewisco Holdings number in the thousands. Situations that indicate the need for liquidation include pretty much any that lead to slower sales. Examples of these conditions include being short-coded or close-dated, near or past “best by” or expiration dates, overstocked, closeout or marked down, discontinued, older versions of products with updates to packaging and recipes, mis-labeled, store brand, canceled orders or turned down loads, leftovers from promotions/seasonal/holiday items, or otherwise slow to sell.

When we purchase goods for liquidation, we provide swift operations. We’ll evaluate the goods quickly, deliver an offer the same day in most instances, pay immediately when the offer works for both parties, and arrange for purchase collection that day or the next. Once we have the inventory, we’ll begin targeting sales to one of our select buyers.

While we buy from thousands, we limit our sales to a few hundred vetted buyers. We sell to alternative customers all over the country as long as they act with discretion in their sale or use of our liquidation inventory. The typical Lewisco Holdings customer may be a private retailer, dollar store, discount salvage grocery store, school, prison/jail, flea market vendor, farmers market, community food bank, or other charitable organization.

Because we sell to multiple buyers all over, we can work with large volumes at all times of the year. As part of the buying process, our customers must adhere to manufacturer restrictions. These guidelines affect geographic boundaries, advertising, display, and the manner of sales. If the brand of the products are difficult to conceal, Lewisco Holdings offers repackaging services. We have our own private label, Mabel’s Farms, to replace the original.

The primary rule of liquidation distribution is to protect the originally intended customer channels. Our buyers can’t target those customers, and the branded products should never be seen in less than ideal conditions.

As experienced and proven food inventory buyers in California, Lewisco Holdings offers valuable services to both the primary and secondary lines of distribution. Interested? Call us today at (917) 210-9395 or follow this link to learn more about how we operate or to arrange to sell or buy liquidation worthy goods.