Food & Grocery Liquidators Utah

Is your Utah facility overrun with food & grocery items, leading you to search for liquidators?

Lewisco Holdings offers an efficient and confidential solution to unwanted merchandise.

Food & Grocery Liquidators UtahWe’re a well-known purchaser and redistributor of goods that are no longer suitable for primary markets. We offer a lengthy history of successful liquidation with the logistics needed to handle any quantity of products. If you’re ready to offload some slow-moving inventory or would like to take advantage of bottom dollar prices on liquidated goods, we want to hear from you.

Our company focuses on household goods like food and grocery, pet food and treats, HBA items, paper goods, and cleaning merchandise. Feel free to reach out to discuss all of the product categories we purchase and transfer into secondary markets if you’re interested.

We have a dedicated carrier fleet, several warehouses across the country, and a deep purchase power to buy any amount of excess inventory.

Reasons to Liquidate through Lewisco Holdings

Making the right purchase decisions 100% of the time is impossible. Managing inventory often means eliminating products that are selling too slowly. Whether you purchased too many or just bought a surprisingly unpopular item, sometimes inventory needs to be liquidated. Instead of simply throwing the products away, sell them to Lewisco Holdings to recoup merchandise and restock your shelves with better selling products.

Choosing to keep excess inventory can be disastrous. You won’t have the purchase power or shelf space for new merchandise, and you’ll have to continue paying overhead for goods that won’t sell. As customers see these goods linger, the dated look will begin to affect surrounding products.

Instead of losing your entire investment plus the overhead you’ve already spent, liquidate to Lewisco Holdings for a swift solution and fair pricing.

The Lewisco Holdings Buyer Network

Lewisco Holdings’ buyer network is restrictive but large due to the long-term efforts that have gone into developing buyer relationships. We sell to independent entities entirely separate from first-line markets. Moving small and large quantities of goods into the secondary market is what we do. We sell to buyers like the following:

  • Private mom-and-pop retailers
  • Community food pantries
  • Farmers’ markets
  • Jails and prisons
  • Schools
  • Exporters
  • Deeply discounted salvage grocers
  • Flea market vendors
  • Charitable organizations

Each of our buyers submit to vetting and following manufacturer restrictions. We must retain control of how products are used, making sure that products aren’t advertised, displayed, or sold outside of geographic bounds. The original customers and the secondary customers must never be the same.

To get started with liquidation, send us the required product information. We’ll need photographs, the label/brand, product size, ingredient list, all dates, nutrition facts, quantity, location, and preferred price. You can upload this information, and we’ll generally send an offer the same day. If we agree, we’ll pay immediately and arrange for pickup that day or the next.

We also offer to operate as a sales force on your behalf or provide a turnkey auction service.

Calling all Utah first and second market members interested in food & grocery liquidators! We can buy and sell this type of goods, and our history is demonstrative of our success. Lewisco Holdings’ number is (917) 651-0101, or you can contact us online. Our professionals are ever ready to take your call and handle your situation.