Food & Grocery Liquidators Tampa, FL

Has your family’s budget tightened lately? You’re not alone in the penny-pinching category, making the services of food & grocery liquidators like Lewisco Holdings of Tampa, FL, even more essential to families and organizations across America. 

Food & Grocery Liquidators Tampa, FL

Lewisco Holdings buys goods from primary markets and sends them into secondary channels to help customers find the squeaking point of every dollar.

Discount Grocery Stores

Discount and salvage grocery stores provide families throughout the area with quality food at extremely low prices. These independently owned stores source their inventory from Lewisco Holdings and other liquidators like us. As one of the foremost providers of liquidation in the country, we have the logistics necessary to move products from coast to coast without regard to quantity and season. 

Understand Product Labels and Dates

We often have the opportunity to buy food items because they’re close to the best by or expiration dates. Many assume that these dates indicate that the food items are no longer edible. However, this assumption leads to waste, not safety.

As you consider these dates, consider what the phrasing actually means, and remember that only one product is date-mandated by the FDA: baby formula.

  • “Best by” dates indicate that goods are at peak condition before this date.
  • “Sell by” dates indicate that the sale should occur before the date.
  • “Use by” dates indicate the food will begin to be of less quality after this date.

Consider these dates as you purchase, but remember that they’re often arbitrary and indicate perceived freshness rather than safety. Food that has turned will have an off-smell or appearance. Dry goods may stale; frozen foods may freezer burn; and canned goods may become dented or damaged. An informed salvage shopper can save a substantial amount without food dangers.

The discount stores that purchase salvaged and overstocked goods typically refrain from collecting manufacturer coupons, but with prices as low as they’re able to offer, customers don’t need them! They receive high-quality, brand-name products at low prices. Lewisco Holdings’s customers include opportunity grocery stores like these as well as nonprofits, schools, prisons/jails, and other alternative channels.

Buying Brand Name Goods at a Lower Price Point

The goods we buy at Lewisco Holdings fit within several categories: food and grocery, alcohol-free beverages, pet food and treats, and household merchandise. Many of our sources for inventory are some of the top brands within the country, and we offer these sources a confidential way to mitigate losses once goods are no longer in pristine condition.

When we buy and redistribute products, we require that buyers respect manufacturer regulations, refraining from advertising, displaying, wholesaling, and extending beyond geographic bounds. Our measures even include repackaging brand-name goods as Mabel’s Farms products, our own private label.

Lewisco Holdings is the leader among food & grocery liquidators in Tampa, FL. Our measures supply the discount grocery stores and community food pantries that help families and nonprofits extend their budgets during financial distress. Primary retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and importers benefit from our ability to purchase products outright. Our buyers can help customers and clients with quality goods for lower costs than they’d typically find. Benefit from liquidation today with a call to (917) 210-9395 or an online contact by clicking here.