Food & Grocery Liquidators Scottsdale, AZ

Food & grocery liquidators, like those here at Lewisco Holdings, serve the primary and secondary markets of Scottsdale, AZ, and beyond with solutions to problematic goods. When overrun products have clogged up the supply chain or opportunity buyers need quality goods, they look to us for answers.

Food & Grocery Liquidators Scottsdale, AZLiquidation processes need to happen fast. The goods in question are on a clock, and it is ticking. Every day counts, but we have the logistics in place to operate with the speed and discretion needed. We offer the most possible for payment, and we wire payment immediately when companies accept the amount proposed for purchase. We will then make arrangements to collect our purchases, the same day or the one that follows.

With thirteen third-party warehouses and the services of a dedicated carrier network, we can transfer goods speedily from our clients into the hands of screened, targeted customers.

The damage to a brand that can happen when liquidation goods are exposed inappropriately is significant. We are discreet and have measures in place to safeguard the brands of our clients.

The Lewisco Holdings Inventory

At Lewisco Holdings, the inventory includes an array of products in the grocery, beverage, and household categories. From frozen, refrigerated, dry, and canned foods to alcohol-free beverages, wet/dry pet food and treats, paper products, cleaning tools and chemicals, HBA merchandise, and more, our inventory provides a variety of options.

Liquidation is straightforward at Lewisco Holdings. We don’t complicate things that don’t need to be complicated. We purchase goods and then resell them into appropriate channels. Since we aren’t brokers or traders, we can provide complete control of the impact on the brand. Every customer we serve respects the guidelines placed on the product usage.

The companies who sell to us include the majority of the top 100 manufacturers in the US. They do so because of our capacity for speed, our commitment to fairness, and the assured discretion.

We sell to 400+ separate buyers – all part of the secondary market. The customers whom we serve may be a food bank, school, jail or prison, mom-and-pop dollar store, deep-discount salvage grocery store, Amish and Mennonite co-ops, and other non-traditional customers with a physical location.

These buyers do not advertise, display, violate geographic boundaries, wholesale, or otherwise break the rules placed on the products by the manufacturer.

Lewisco Holdings’s customers agree to these terms because they appreciate the quality of the products that we offer and benefit greatly from the price. It’s easy to shop with us, and we delivery quickly. In fact, if you have a need for a precise product, we’ll source it for you as quickly as possible.

Dates, the end of the promotion, a cancellation, or a simple bad product purchase decision doesn’t have to mean the loss of an entire investment. Allow Lewisco Holdings to help for a convenient solution and a return to profitable operation.

Lewisco Holdings is a leader among the food & grocery liquidators of Scottsdale, AZ. Our proven experience and processes benefit our clients and customers. We offer streamlined methods, transportation processes, a large network of contacts, and a rich understanding of how to make liquidation successful. Click here or call (917) 210 9395 to discover more about how we work or to schedule a service today.