Food & Grocery Liquidators Reno, NV

Are your display and storage spaces overloaded with outdated goods? Food & grocery liquidators from Lewisco Holdings provide helpful liquidation that will allow you to avoid taking a complete loss and wasting products.

Food & Grocery Liquidators Reno, NVTime is always a factor in liquidation. Lewisco Holdings has practices, logistics, and long-term contacts in place to provide fast liquidation. When you sell to us, you’ll have returned buying power so that your team can return to productivity without frustration. Once we come to terms, we will wire payment immediately and collect the goods the same day or the one that follows.

We have every aspect needed to operate appropriately: financial resources, a nationwide footprint, and established processes that promote speed, trust, and confidentiality. Our fast work allows clients to be unburdened from unwanted merchandise quickly, and it allows the goods in question to be put to the best use with prompt redistribution.

We buy a menu of products that is fairly wide ranging. Alcohol-free beverages; frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry foods; wet/dry dog and cat food/treats; cleaning goods; paper products; and HBA items like cosmetics and toiletries are all welcome within our inventory. If you have an overstock of these goods, give us a call at your earliest convenience. We can begin liquidation right away.

Lewisco Holdings is a liquidator – not a broker or trader.

After purchasing products, we resell them. As we do, we go to great efforts to protect the brand’s identity and reputation. All of our customers are targeted, screened, and verified in order to prioritize discretion.

Benefits of Liquidating through Lewisco Holdings

Lewisco Holdings is the clear winner in the comparison of liquidation providers.

We offer:

  • 13 warehouses spread from coast to coast
  • Capacity and purchase ability to provide fast liquidation to clients and customers
  • Returned cash flow
  • Effortlessly clear shelves
  • Reduced overhead costs
  • Total loss avoided
  • Brand protection through manufacturer restrictions and repackaging services
  • Complete commitment to customer satisfaction

Benefits of Buying from Lewisco Holdings

We sell liquidated goods to just over 400 accounts – organizations with limited budgets as well as non-traditional retailers. The typical restaurant, grocery store, or convenience store is not welcome to buy from Lewisco Holdings. Our typical buyer falls within the secondary market – for instance, a community food bank, correctional facility, school or after-school program, privately owned dollar store or grocer, deep-discount salvage grocery store, flea market vendor, or farmers market.

The rule of thumb is that our customers and the products’ originally intended customer should never be the same.

We provide buyers with the following benefits:

  • Name-brand, top-notch merchandise
  • Convenience
  • Fast delivery
  • Low prices
  • Specific product sourcing

Producers, distributors, importers, exporters, and retailers with stubborn food and beverage items needn’t lose everything they have invested. We buy merchandise even when it is near or past best by or expiration dates, out of season, part of a canceled order, or otherwise no longer appropriate for retail situations.

We offer top dollar, fair service, and prompt efforts.

When you need food & grocery liquidators in Reno, NV, count on Lewisco Holdings. Our professionalism and history are indicative of our commitment to success. Best practices, a carrier network, warehouses, purchase power, and professional liquidators stand ready to provide you with liquidation or liquidation sales. Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to discover how liquidation can help you.