Food & Grocery Liquidators Portland, OR

Looking for food and grocery liquidators in Portland, OR? Choose Lewisco Holdings. We’ve historically been able to provide a better return for our clients than competing liquidators. We also have a streamlined process that is quick, confidential, and convenient.

Lewisco Holdings Liquidation

Food & Grocery Liquidators Portland, ORWe buy goods from manufacturers of any size, importers, exporters, and other first-line marketers when unwanted merchandise prevents maximum profitability.

Two options are available for our clients:

  • Outright purchase
  • Off-the-cart sales and drop shipment.

The first option is more convenient, while the second may provide a greater return. Either way, we promise brand protection and manufacturer control of the liquidation process.

We sell goods to secondary market participants far removed from the primary market. Our customers and the initial ones never overlap, and we expose products to potential buyers once we know how the manufacturer wants liquidation handled. The buyers we serve may include the following:

  • Small retailers
  • Food banks
  • Select dollar stores
  • Amish and Mennonite co-ops
  • Schools
  • Prisons/jails
  • Other non-traditional outlets.

For liquidation buyers, we require that restrictions be followed. The goods we sell can never be advertised, marketed, sold on the web, or sold outside of geographic limits. Furthermore, we do not allow Internet or wholesale sales.

We are liquidators – not traders or brokers. We sell to end-users, and prospective buyers should be able to present solid references and have a physical location.

Our service prevents waste in terms of financial resources and usable products for companies throughout the nation. Our capacity for transportation, purchase, and distribution allows us to operate without regard to the quantity of goods or location.

Lewisco Holdings’s catalog includes a variety of products. We buy frozen, refrigerated, dry, and canned foods, alcohol-free beverages, pet food and treats, and select general merchandise like cosmetics, toiletries, paper products, cleaning goods, and more. The staff at Lewisco Holdings can tell you whether your goods are eligible for liquidation.

Once we have purchased goods and placed them into our inventory, we begin to target sales to our 400-strong, coast-to-coast buyer network members. We work with warehouses all over the US, have a dedicated carrier network, and work out of several locations nationwide. We make short work of liquidation efforts.

How to Work with Lewisco Holdings

To start the liquidation process, contact the team at Lewisco Holdings. With a few pieces of information, we can make an offer to purchase your products.

It shouldn’t be surprising that we buy goods from thousands of primary marketers, including most of the top 100 manufacturers in the United States. Companies choose us for many reasons, the most important probably being our sensitivity to brand vulnerability during liquidation.

Situations that indicate liquidation is the right choice may be as simple as a slow-selling product or nearing the best-by or expiration dates, slight damage, being part of a discontinued product line, or having another issue that means products shouldn’t be used in retail situations anymore.

Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to work with Lewisco Holdings, the foremost food and grocery liquidators serving entities in Portland, OR. We prioritize the satisfaction of our clients and customers.