Food & Grocery Liquidators Pittsburgh, PA

Are you looking for qualified and discreet food & grocery liquidators in Pittsburgh, PA? You can stop searching today now that you’ve found Lewisco Holdings. Allow us to help you clear your shelves and your storage areas and make room for new investment. We’re dedicated to offering ideal solutions for both our clients and customers.

Food & Grocery Liquidators Pittsburgh, PA

Well-known for successes in the liquidation arena, Lewisco Holdings provides an essential link between the first and second markets. Regardless of product quantity, category, location, or time of year, Lewisco Holdings offers same- or next-day purchase collection throughout the Lower 48 United States.

Knowing when liquidation is warranted is a common enough conundrum. We get questions along this line frequently. In most instances, we suggest sooner rather than later is the best timeline when you have products in any of the following situations:

  • Products nearing or passed the best buy or expiration date
  • Short-coded products
  • Canceled orders or turned down loads
  • Overstocked products
  • Older versions of products with updated packaging or recipes
  • Closeouts
  • Discontinued items
  • Slower moving products
  • Seasonal, holiday, or promotional merchandise

The liquidation process that we offer extends to a wide range of product categories. Shelf-stable dry goods like rice, crackers, and pasta; canned foods like sauces, tuna, and vegetables; alcohol-free beverages like water, soda, and juice; pet items like treats and food; and household items including cleaning products, paper goods, and health and beauty items.

Making room for new investment is critical for the continued profitability of businesses. Rely on our team to liquidate goods confidentially into the depths of our 400+ strong buyer group. From small private retailers to deeply discounted salvage grocery stores, schools, correctional institutions, farmers markets, and other non-traditional customers, we target sales to carefully screened customers.

Lewisco Holdings is known for offering quick payment, and we hold all of our customers to absolute discretion in order to safeguard the brand’s identity, reputation, and originally targeted customers.

To place an offer for purchase, we will require information in order to place  value on the goods. This information includes the following:

  • The label or brand of the items in question
  • A list of ingredients
  • The nutrition information for each product
  • Photographs
  • All dates on the interior and exterior of the packaging
  • Package sizes
  • The number of individual cases on each pallet and the number of pallets in question
  • The location for product pickup
  • The preferred price for the merchandise

Protecting the brand is incredibly important during liquidation. Our buyers commit to the following rules:

  • NO wholesaling
  • NO display
  • NO advertising
  • NO violating prescribed geographic boundaries.

When the kind of confidentiality we require is difficult because of a prominent brand, we offer repackaging services, replacing the original brand with our own, Mabel’s Farms.

We also do not sell outside of the secondary market. Products aren’t returned to primary distribution; they’re buried within non-traditional channels. The Venn Diagram of our inventory sources and our inventory destinations have no overlap. We also require screening for all of our opportunity buyers.

Traditional liquidation isn’t the only service that we offer. We can also provide a turnkey digital auction solution or act as a sales team while you retain possession of the goods.

Should you need the service of food & grocery liquidators in Pittsburgh, PA, look to Lewisco Holdings. Reach out by following this link or dialing (917) 210-9395.