Food & Grocery Liquidators Philadelphia, PA

Heavily discounted food & grocery items in the non-traditional markets come through liquidators like Lewisco Holdings in Philadelphia, PA, and beyond. Families, private retailers, and nonprofits benefit from the plethora of quality, brand-name goods we provide at unbelievably low prices.  

Food & Grocery Liquidators Philadelphia, PALewisco Holdings provides a straightforward, quick method of sending problematic merchandise from the first distribution lines into secondary ones. Instead of acting as brokers or traders, we purchase goods for resale into more appropriate avenues, giving stagnant goods a new life. 

Are you a bargain hunter from way back? 

Have you recently had to tweak your budget and discovered that your pantry is the most flexible of your household’s monthly expenses?

Do you run a nonprofit and need to use every penny as wisely as possible?

A deep-discount salvage grocery store will supply you with pantry-filling goods at low prices, allowing your family or organization to stretch every dollar.

Understanding Salvage Groceries

Salvage food and grocery products consist of items that aren’t as pristine as the conditions required by the first lines of distribution. They could be slightly damaged, leftover from a promotion of some sort, part of a discontinued or updated product line, canceled or turned down, or otherwise slow to sell for some reason or another.

Salvaged goods are typically tarnished by some slight imperfection, yet they’re still viable. When these issues arise, most companies find it only makes sense to salvage the entire load or pallet rather than sort the goods.

Understanding How to Take Advantage of Deep Savings

When smart shoppers find a really great deal on staple products, they stock up. If the percentage of price reduction is significant enough, and the product is one you use frequently, buy enough that your household will use the goods before they are no longer viable.

Plan for success if you want to maximize your savings with salvage shopping. You’ll need to know the types of products your family uses, the price that justifies stocking up, and the estimated timetable for product viability.

Just as important as knowing when to buy, you’ll need to know when to pass on what you might imagine is a deal. 

Goods that require refrigeration, for instance, will turn pretty soon after the expiration date, unless you can freeze them. When checking out frozen goods, visually inspect them for signs of freezer burn like color or texture changes.

Dry goods like rice, pasta, cereal, and crackers are completely edible well past the best-by date, although they can turn stale over time. You can always transfer these products to airtight containers when you get them home! When checking out these products, damage to the cardboard isn’t a problem as long as the inner plastic bag is sealed.

Canned foods like tuna and vegetables have an incredibly long lifespan. An evaluation of canned foods should involve testing the weight to ensure they’re not leaking. You should also check for significant denting or bulging. Avoid purchasing any products with this type of damage.

Lewisco Holdings offers the services of professional liquidators for primary market sellers and secondary market opportunity buyers of food & grocery products in Philadelphia, PA. Our mission is to help our clients mitigate losses; our customers do more with less, all while lessening the food waste that plagues our country. Learn more today by calling (917) 210-9395 or following this link.