Food & Grocery Liquidators Oregon

When warehouses and retailers make purchasing decisions, predicting future customer choices can’t be foolproof. Poor buying choices don’t have to become total losses, though. Lewisco Holdings, as one of the best liquidators available in Oregon, offers a method of straightforward redistribution of products no longer welcome in first lines of distribution.

Food & Grocery Liquidators OregonSpeed is key to successful liquidation of goods – especially groceries. When goods are on track to becoming obsolete, we step in, remove them from markets where they can’t be sold, and place them in usable spaces. This system provides our clients with the most recoupment possible while providing a speedy pickup as well. Our nationally located warehouses and dedicated carrier service allow us to relive our clients of the burden of these unwanted goods faster than would otherwise be possible.

The effects of keeping stagnant goods extend beyond the obvious. The taint of aging, slow-moving merchandise will extend to the rest of your inventory, and the depression of momentum will extend to the rest of your business. Our company provides a confidential means of transferring these goods into more appropriate buying channels.

Products Lewisco Holdings Buys

A wide range of product categories are purchased and sold by us here at Lewisco Holdings.

  • Food and Grocery Items
    • Frozen
    • Refrigerated
    • Canned
    • Dry goods
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
    • Sports drinks
    • Sodas
    • Bottled water
    • Ready-to-drink coffees and teas
    • Much more
  • Pet items
    • Kibble
    • Wet pet food
    • Treats
    • More
  • General merchandise
    • Cleaning products
    • Paper goods
    • HBA items

The Benefits of Selling to Lewisco Holdings

Lewisco Holdings lays claim to being top of line in the liquidation arena for several reasons. We offer a large network of transportation and warehouse facilities that allows us to provide an efficient and appropriate service for our clients and customers. Our clients benefit from freeing up storage and display space, reducing the costs of keeping the merchandise, and freeing up the flow of buying capacity.

Our customer service team is quite helpful. We employ experts who know how to make transactions work well. We make sure that when our clients entrust us with their brands, they aren’t disappointed – to the extent that we protect the primary market label by providing our own, Mabel’s Farms, repackaging private label.

The Benefits of Purchasing from Lewisco Holdings

Our buyers are members of the secondary lines of distribution. Examples of such include community food pantries, schools, prisons, independent grocers, and salvage stores. These buyers gain access to substantially discounted high quality, brand name goods with free access to shopping and quick delivery.

The money you’ve put into buying products as well as what’s been spent storing it makes up your investment. Recoup a portion of that and stop spending more today by calling Lewisco Holdings.

When planning to use the services of liquidators in Oregon, food & grocery marketers should call Lewisco Holdings at (917) 651-0101 to take advantage of our streamlined process of liquidation to help their companies free themselves from the burden of dead product. We have the network including contacts, transportation, and storage required to make quick work of products that are not suited for primary markets.