Food & Grocery Liquidators North Dakota

As food & grocery liquidators for North Dakota, Lewisco Holdings transforms the unwanted products from primary lines of distribution into treasured savings for customers, institutions, and charitable organizations.

Food & Grocery Liquidators North DakotaWe offer nationally recognized liquidation services based on a long history of operations intent on providing stagnant merchandise with a second life. Our strong dedication to fairness, speed, and customer satisfaction results in a convenient solution to surplus inventory for some and a small budget for others.

Those Who Buy from Lewisco Holdings

The buyer network we work with numbers above 400. We sell to opportunity buyers who recognize the value of quality goods at discounted prices. Because our goal is to protect original customer channels, we limit sales to the secondary market including the following:

  • Private dollar stores
  • Mom-and-pop retail spaces
  • Discount salvage grocers
  • Community food pantries
  • Jails and prisons
  • Farmers’ markets
  • Schools
  • Exporters

These and other entities can do more with limited budgets by purchasing at discounted costs unavailable in primary purchasing spaces. While we target goods to the most relevant customers, we can also help source specific goods when required. Give us a call if you’re on the hunt for any particular items, and we’re happy to find them as quickly, and cheaply, as possible.

Lewisco Holdings’ buyers submit to screenings that verify ability and willingness to follow manufacturer restrictions related to geographic boundaries, marketing restrictions, and display limitations. We’ll even provide repackaging solutions under the private label, Mabel’s Farms, to further the confidentiality of the liquidation. Our process allows us to provide incredibly low-priced, high-quality goods in high volumes.

To become part of our buyer network and benefit from our inventory of surplus goods, give us a call or reach out to us online. We will require a few pieces of info along with the categories of products you’d like to buy. Discreetly and quickly, our team will proceed to find products, provide prices, and arrange delivery.

Those Who Sell to Lewisco Holdings

Lewisco Holdings buys and sells numerous types of goods ranging from food of all types to pet items, HBA merchandise, bulk candy and spices, cleaning products, and paper goods.

Our inventory comes from liquidation purchasing. We buy products from over 3,000 manufacturers, retailers, and first-line distributors, relieving them of the burden of goods that are no longer appropriate for sale in primary lines of distribution.

Conditions that trigger liquidation include:

  • Closeout products
  • Goods close to the “best by” date
  • Cancelled orders
  • Store brand or private label goods
  • Close-dated and short-coded goods
  • Overstocked merchandise
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Older versions of updated products
  • Off-spec, mis-cut, or slightly damaged merchandise
  • All other slow-moving inventory

Liquidating through Lewisco Holdings limits the exposure of name brand goods. We do not sell to restaurants, convenience stores, or primary supermarkets, and we’re neither brokers nor traders. Those whom we buy from can be confident in the confidentiality of the process as well as the fairness of pricing, speed of payment, and efficiency of delivery regardless of the season, location, or quantity of surplus goods.

Limiting the waste common to the food & grocery markets is a service that liquidators in North Dakota can provide. Lewisco Holdings proudly offers a liquidation solution that benefits our clients and our customers. Call us at (917) 210-9395 to find out more about our process and its benefits.