Food & Grocery Liquidators North Carolina

For a streamlined process of eliminating excess or unwanted merchandise from your warehouse, turn to food and grocery liquidators like Lewisco Holdings. In North Carolina and throughout the United States, we can transfer products to the secondary market, protecting your regular sales channels, brand reputation, and current customers.

What You Should Know about Lewisco Holdings

Food & Grocery Liquidators North CarolinaWe are a key player in transferring surplus and close-dated merchandise to the liquidation market. Our long-standing partnerships are advantageous to all – including our source companies and the small, independent mom and pop salvage stores, schools, correctional facilities, and food pantries that comprise our buyers.

  • We can purchase large quantities of product no matter the time of year.
  • We’ll protect your brand by vetting all buyers to conform to exposure, geographic, and advertisement regulations.
  • We’re not brokers or traders; we buy to liquidate.
  • We don’t sell to restaurants, supermarkets, or convenience stores.
  • We’ll simplify the transfer of your goods to the surplus market.
  • We provide fast payment, usually the same day.
  • We’ll bury your products within the secondary market, far away from typical sales channels.
  • We offer repacking solutions under the label Mabel’s Farms for the secondary market.

Managing Surplus Inventory Effectively

Regardless of your experience predicting sales, you’ll likely run into situations where you have an over-abundance of merchandise that just won’t move. As it gets close to the “best buy” date, you’ll need to liquidate the inventory, regaining as much as possible of your investment and making room within your warehouse for new, faster selling products.

Holding onto unsalable inventory keeps your money tied up in product that will take far too long to realize profits – if it ever does.

We pledge to conceal your branded goods well within the secondary market through our sales channels. Our network of customers is carefully vetted and proven to be responsible with branded merchandise. We operate outside the bounds of the primary market, so you don’t need to worry that we will undersell to your customers.

If you’d like to become part of our 3,000 strong group of manufacturers, importers, and exporters throughout the country who count on Lewisco Holdings to efficiently and profitably handle your unwanted inventory, provide us with the required information about your inventory, and we’ll send an offer the same day in most cases. After you accept our offer, we can pick up the same or the next day.

Items to Consider Prime for Liquidation

Knowing if an item is right for liquidation is simple. We welcome products of various classifications, but the main commonality is that it is selling slowly and taking up space. Consider these types of products for transfer to the secondary market:

  • Discontinued products
  • Products with older versions of packaging
  • Products with older versions of recipes or ingredients
  • Short-coded or close-dated products
  • Products nearing the “best buy” date
  • Closeouts or cancellations
  • Seasonal merchandise
  • Overstocks
  • Under-selling inventory
  • Products with irregularities
  • Other slow-moving inventory

Lewisco Holdings has the experience, contacts, and logistics to promise a quick resolution to your inventory problem. Call us today for help with buying or selling surplus inventory in North Carolina. The number is (917) 651-0101, and we look forward to your call.