Food & Grocery Liquidators New York

Perfection in purchasing isn’t possible, so warehouses and stores invariably have a few items slip through that don’t sell as well as expected. If you have trouble with product that just won’t move, don’t give in to the urge to just toss it into the rubbish bin. In New York and elsewhere, food and grocery liquidators, like Lewisco Holdings, offer a path to clear your shelves of slow-moving merchandise while having the funds to stock more profitable goods.

Food & Grocery Liquidators New YorkWhen a company elects to liquidate goods, they likely it to happen quickly. The viability of the goods may be in jeopardy, and restocking shelves is key to getting back on track. Lewisco Holdings will pay you top dollar, send payment as soon you accept the offer, and arrange for pick up of the goods that day or the next. We have the economic backing and the logistical capacity to make this claim and back it up.

We understand how damaging aging and unwanted goods that linger can be, and we can discreetly bury these products within the secondary market with haste and confidentiality as the top priorities.

The Goods We Purchase

Lewisco Holdings purchases a range of goods including food, grocery, beverages, and other goods. We can accept frozen, refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable dry food goods, beverages without alcohol, wet and dry pet food and treats, paper merchandise, cleaning products, and HBA items.

The process we use here at Lewisco Holdings is simple. We buy your goods and resell them. We don’t broker or trade, and we don’t jeopardize your reputation. We protect the brand by vetting each buyer to make sure that the company respects manufacturer restrictions.

How Sellers Benefit from Lewisco Holdings’ Liquidation Services

  • Impressive transportation capacity with warehouses across the nation
  • Fast, effective service for buyers and sellers
  • Get rid of excess inventory, lowering overhead costs and getting cash flow moving
  • Incredibly supportive customer service
  • Protection of brand through best practices, company integrity, and the provision of Mabel’s Farm, our private label for the secondary market

How Buyers Benefit from Lewisco Holdings’ Liquidation Services

The buyer group Lewisco Holdings services is over 400 strong. Each of our buyers is part of the secondary market, meaning that your brand will be far from your current customers. Some of the buyers we sell to include community food banks, educational facilities, correctional institutions, mom and pop grocers, and deep-discount salvage stores. Primary market convenience stores and supermarkets are not our customers. We’re committed to making sure that in the Venn Diagram of our buyers and sellers, the center circle remains empty.

Benefits include:

  • Easy access to purchasing
  • Fast delivery
  • High brand, quality goods
  • Lowest possible prices

The whole investment you’ve made into your inventory doesn’t have to be lost just because you can’t sell it within the primary market. Sell it to us! We’ll take it off of your hands – even if it’s almost expired, seasonal, cancelled, or obsolete. We can make dead products rise from the grave with the right buyers. If you’re looking for top dollar as a seller or lowest price as a buyer, allow us here at Lewisco Holdings make it happen.

Lewisco Holdings is the best of the food& grocery liquidators in New York. We have a long history that has allowed us to perfect our processes. Our best practices, logistic capacity, deep rolodex, and knowledge of goods allow us to perform well. Call (917) 651-0101, and we can help design a liquidation plan for your company.