Food & Grocery Liquidators New Hampshire

If you are a manufacturer, importer, or exporter in New Hampshire with excess or surplus inventory or are a seller in the secondary market looking for inventory, food and grocery liquidators like Lewisco Holdings provide the link between the supply end and the demand end of the secondary supply chain. We are an experienced and respected player in this field and are known for paying quickly and operating with discretion.

Food & Grocery Liquidators New HampshireAs a nationwide redistributor of surplus goods within the food and beverage secondary market, Lewisco Holdings works to provide a fair offer and fast service based upon stellar customer service, experienced logistical planning, and staying within the bounds of manufacturer expectations.

Managing Surplus Merchandise

Predicting what inventory will move and what won’t isn’t exactly foolproof. Slow-moving inventory that clogs your shelves is inevitable, and allowing it to linger longer than necessary, collecting dust and taking up space that could be used for profitable merchandise is a clear mistake. If you have items nearing the best buy or expiration date, call on Lewisco Holdings to handle your unwanted products.

Our buying network consists of over 400 distinct small and independently run discount grocers as well as organizations like food pantries, schools, and correctional facilities. Each of these buyers has been vetted and has agreed to abide by manufacturer restrictions. We protect your brand and require that our buyers do as well.

In addition to operating with discretion during distribution, we also make sure that all of our buyers are deep within the secondary marketplace. You will not find your products in your regular sales chain, nor will you find your products displayed, sold as wholesale, or advertised in a manner you have stipulated as unacceptable.

Qualified Goods for Redistribution

The classifications of goods that we move are many. A wide variety of types of merchandise can find a new home within the secondary market. All sorts of food goods (frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry); pet food and treats in all forms; and a diverse range of general merchandise including paper, cleaning, and beauty products can be regularly redistributed. Lewisco Holdings has over 400 buyers, so we have plenty of resources to take all types of goods.

Over 3,000 manufacturing and distributing companies use our services to liquidate their unwanted products. When these entities have inventories of overstocks, older versions of products with newer packaging or recipes, short-coded or close-dated products, closeouts or discontinuations, seasonal merchandise, or cancellations, Lewisco Holdings can provide a convenient, fast method of redistribution so that you don’t have to hold these goods one day longer than necessary.

You won’t find a faster way of eliminating your excess merchandise! Lewisco Holdings will pick up the same day or the next as long as your warehouse is within the lower 48 states. We have 13 nationwide warehouses that we use to bury your unwanted products deep within the secondary market.

Lewisco Holdings, one of the best food and grocery liquidators in New Hampshire, has a wide-ranging network of both buyers and sellers, the assets to pay quickly, and the logistical components to move product quickly, efficiently, and confidentially. Call today at (917) 651-0101 to provide Lewisco Holdings with the information needed to schedule a pickup and get rid of your surplus products quickly at a great price!