Food & Grocery Liquidators Nevada

When warehouse shelves are crammed full of merchandise you just can’t sell, it can severely limit the profitability of your business. This situation merits the services of food and grocery liquidators. In Nevada and elsewhere in the US, your best option is Lewisco Holdings.

Food & Grocery Liquidators NevadaWe provide a way for sellers to transfer their merchandise to the secondary market. If you have groceries, beverages, pet food, or general merchandise, we can help you clean off those packed shelves and get a bit of your money back to fill them up with items that will sell.

Extensive experience gained from a long history of operations marks the service provided by Lewisco Holdings. When your company has surplus goods, we offer a method of recouping your investment and ridding yourselves of the excess product speedily and without risking your brand’s reputation.

Promising Efficiency and Confidentiality

Our contacts include a range of sellers and buyers. More than 400-plus, separate buyers purchase goods from us. Our buyers include small retail grocers, salvage food stores, educational and correctional facilities, and community food banks. Every single buyer within this group submits to vetting and the terms and restrictions of sales set forth by the manufacturers.

We’re able to purchase great quantities of surplus products because of our transportation capacity and wide distribution of warehouses. We’re fair in pricing and sales, as demonstrated by our stellar reputation.

Categories of Goods

Lewisco Holdings redistributes several categories of goods. Consider the following list bearing in mind that it’s not comprehensive:

  • Shelf-stable dry groceries
  • Cans of food
  • Frozen or refrigerated groceries
  • Non-alcoholic refreshments
  • Wet, dry, and frozen pet food and treats
  • Bulk spices and candy
  • Health and beauty aids
  • Paper products
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Much more

The end of a product’s first life signals the transition into the secondary market where it can find new life. We provide this transfer service. When you have overstocks, closeouts, cancellations, discontinuations, older goods without current packaging or recipes, seasonal items, and other goods that won’t sell, you can recoup some of your cash by selling them to us.

Move as many pallets as you need no matter the condition by allowing Lewisco Holdings to distribute goods. We bury products deeply into the secondary market without risking your brand’s reputation or profitability.

Becoming a Buyer of Surplus Goods

The contacts that we have are two-fold. We have companies from whom we purchase goods as well as those to whom we sell. These groups never overlap. A product’s life will begin in the primary marketplace and, if it doesn’t sell, will continue to the secondary marketplace. Our buyer group is select, but you can reach out to us to discuss how your business, organization, or non-profit can benefit from purchasing deeply discounted name brand goods.

Not only can a buyer of our goods maximize profits and budgets, we can generally assist with helping you find a specific type of goods when required.

Those interested in selling goods should call and be prepared to supply a photo and relevant product information before receiving a fast offer and payment and pickup upon acceptance.

If you’re in a situation that requires eliminating excess inventory or would like to purchase discounted goods, count on Lewisco Holdings as a leader among the food and grocery liquidators in Nevada. Call (917) 651-0101 to become a buyer or seller of surplus goods today!