Food & Grocery Liquidators Missouri

Make Lewisco Holdings your choice among the food and grocery liquidators of Missouri. We’ll take the products overrunning your shelves and disperse them into the secondary marketplace, quickly and at an excellent price.

Food & Grocery Liquidators MissouriOur lengthy history and expertise distinguish us from others in the industry. No matter the quantity, we’ll take your products and provide a fair price while handling redistribution with full discretion.

Although much of the surplus merchandise is still good, its presence in your regular sales channels is undesirable. To receive as much compensation for this merchandise as possible, liquidation into the secondary market is appropriate.

Products that are best served by the secondary market include:

  • Overstocks
  • Short-coded or close-dated items
  • Items with the older versions of packaging or recipes
  • Merchandise close to its expiration or “best buy” date
  • Slow-moving inventory
  • Closeouts and discontinuations
  • Cancellations

Types of Products We Distribute

Lewisco Holdings expertly redistributes food, beverage, pet food, and general merchandise within the secondary marketplace. If your products aren’t moving and you’re tired of watching them take up space and cost you money, we can take them off your hands with same or next day pickup within the contiguous US.

The process of liquidation is fairly simple on your end. Provide us with the following information:

  • Label or brand
  • List of ingredients
  • Nutrition information
  • Photographs
  • Dates on the outside and inside of the package
  • Size of the package
  • Number of items or cases per pallet
  • Pallet numbers per load
  • Location of pickup
  • Anticipated price

Brand Protection

Our experience and expertise enable us to redistribute unwanted inventory without damaging the reputation of some of America’s largest food and beverage companies.

Because we’re not brokers, and we don’t supply supermarkets, convenience stores, or restaurants, your brand won’t suffer from unwelcome exposure. We have a network that includes 400-plus buyers across the country. They’re the ideal destination for your surplus products, being mom-and-pop retail shops, prisons and jails, schools, salvage stores, and food pantries.

We work with numerous buyers and sellers, accepting a broad array of types of merchandise, and offer the perfect next step when products no longer have a place in the regular retail market. Allow us to provide a solution that is fast, easy, and confidential.

The reputation of your brand is of the utmost importance, so protecting it is one of Lewisco Holdings primary objectives. We promise confidentiality by working only within our trusted network of buyers. We control who can buy your products by vetting every member of our purchasing group.

Call Lewisco Holdings at (917) 651-0101 if you are looking for food and grocery liquidators in Missouri to handle the products you can’t move. Instead of taking a loss or allowing them to take up valuable space, put them to work in the secondary marketplace. You should call us if you’re interested in purchasing liquidated merchandise for your independently operated store or organization.