Food & Grocery Liquidators Minnesota

If you’re looking for dependable and reputable food and grocery liquidators in Minnesota, Lewisco Holdings provides a fast and profitable method of disposing of your surplus merchandise. We are prepared to redistribute a variety of goods with speed and discretion.

Food & Grocery Liquidators MinnesotaLewisco Holdings is a successful and experienced company that specializes in distributing closeouts, overstocks, and close to “best buy date” goods within the secondary marketplace. We are experienced and up to the job of moving any amount of product no matter the time of year.

What Products Can Be Liquidated?

When your inventory is moving slowly or is close to the “best buy” date, the secondary marketplace is its best home. Other products that could be right for our liquidation services include: overstocks, short-coded items, closeouts, discontinued merchandise, products with packaging changes or new ingredient formulations, out of season merchandise, and cancelled orders. When a product is not suited for the primary marketplace, there are still options for selling it. Liquidation is the answer.

The types of products Lewisco Holdings can liquidate are also varied. Whether they are dry, canned, frozen, or refrigerated food or beverage items; wet, dry, or frozen pet food and treats; or even general merchandise like health and beauty aids, paper goods, or cleaners, we can quickly pick them up and deliver them with discretion to the secondary marketplace.

What Is the First Step?

The great range of products we can liquidate is not our only focus. We also promise to make you a speedy offer. All that you will need to do is give us the product information:  the label, ingredient list, nutritional information, photographs, dates from the inside and outside of the packaging, the size of the package, the quantity of merchandise, the location of pickup, and your estimated price.

The Network for Redistribution

Lewisco Holdings has developed a network of over 400 buyers throughout the country. We provide a straightforward, convenient, and profitable way to move bulk surplus merchandise while minimizing worry and profit loss. The diversity of our group of buyers enables us to redistribute many different types of products in any quantity.

The group of buyers within our network consists of all sorts of organizations, from the small mom-and-pop shop, local food pantry, county jail or prison, school, to discount salvage stores. None of our buyers will advertise your products, and our buyers do not include full-line distributors, convenience stores, restaurants, or primary supermarkets.

While moving products to the secondary marketplace is a common practice, that doesn’t mean that you want your brand heavily displayed with potentially negative consequences. We understand your need to protect your brand’s reputation, and Lewisco Holdings is committed to protecting your brand and your primary market position.

Companies in Minnesota that require food and grocery liquidation should count on the services available through Lewisco Holdings. Call today at (917) 651-0101 to make arrangements for pickup of your unwanted food and grocery items. Free up your warehouse, minimize your losses, and ensure that your products are handled with full discretion.