Food & Grocery Liquidators Louisiana

As part of the food and grocery distribution chain in Louisiana, your company may be holding surplus merchandise that needs to be disposed of in order to make room on your shelves for new product. Food and grocery liquidators like Lewisco Holdings are committed to helping you find the best solution for your business needs.

Food & Grocery Liquidators LouisianaLewisco Holdings is a well-known company in the industry because of our lengthy history of successful communication between the primary and secondary markets. No matter the volume of product or location, we can provide same or next day pickup as long as you’re within the continental United States.

Lewisco Holdings can provide liquidation for the following types of products (and others):

  • Products nearing the best buy or expiration date
  • Short-coded products
  • Cancelled orders
  • Overstocked products
  • Older versions of products with updated packaging or recipes
  • Closeout or discontinued items
  • Slower moving products
  • Seasonal merchandise

Our skills in moving your unwanted products extend to any shelf-stable food, beverage, or pet food product. We can also redistribute general merchandise like cleaning products, paper goods, and health and beauty aids.

When you need to make room within your warehouse, count on us to help by working within our network of over 400 independent buyers. These clients range from small, independently owned stores to deep-discount salvage locations and even schools and prisons.

In addition to effectively dispensing of your unwanted products, we also promise speed and discretion. We’re well known in the industry for providing fast payment, and our partners are held to a standard of confidentiality to protect your brand and reputation.

Before we can make an offer for your surplus merchandise, we will need the following information:

  • The label or brand of the items in question
  • A list of ingredients
  • The nutrition information for each product
  • Photographs
  • All dates on the interior and exterior of the packaging
  • Package sizes
  • The number of individual cases on each pallet and the number of pallets in question
  • The location
  • The preferred price for the merchandise

Worried about Your Brand’s Reputation?

Seeing your brand prominently displayed outside of the primary retail marketplace in less than ideal condition is a blemish you want to prevent, and we understand how important this fact is to your company.

We are a distributor to the secondary marketplace, and we do not supply supermarkets, convenient stores, or restaurants. Rather, we will bury your unwanted merchandise within the secondary marketplace outside of the regular retail arena.

Because we recognize the importance of discretion when it comes to redistributing your brand’s products, we require confidentiality and discretion from all of our buyers. You won’t find your brand heavily displayed or advertised within the regular marketplace.

In addition to discretion, our network of buyers will also allow you to dispose of any quantity of product at any time of year. We vet and target buyers within the secondary marketplace to make sure that we are working with trustworthy purchasers.

Should you be looking for quality food and grocery liquidators to rid you of unwanted merchandise in Louisiana, reach out to Lewisco Holdings at (917) 651-0101. We pay quickly, pickup quickly, and handle merchandise effectively.