Food & Grocery Liquidators Long Island, NY

In the food & grocery industry, the work of liquidators is vital, and for manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and other primary marketers in Long Island, NY, Lewisco Holdings provides streamlined service. As items age or linger on shelves, mitigate your losses by selling the merchandise to us, and we, in turn, will send those goods into protected alternative channels.

Food & Grocery Liquidators Long Island, NYPrivately owned with a national footprint, Lewisco Holdings buys and redistributes food and grocery items throughout the United States. We encourage primary market members to reach out to our team should they have slow-moving merchandise inhibiting their inventory’s profitability. Most of the top 100 manufacturers in the nation rely on Lewisco Holdings, and so should you.

Our liquidation measures focus on moving frozen, refrigerated, canned, dry, and canned food; alcohol-free beverages; wet and dry pet food and treats; HBA merchandise; and general household goods. Lewisco Holdings is a liquidation specialist; we do not broker or trade. We also do not sell to primary market members, including supermarkets, convenience stores, or restaurants.

With Lewisco Holdings, clients find quick payment, decisions, and product pickup. Our logistic capacity includes warehouses throughout the country and a dedicated carrier. We can move goods quickly to and from destinations all over and have the purchasing power to buy any volume of goods that merit liquidation.

Highlights of Liquidation through Lewisco Holdings:

  • Confidential quote for purchase
  • Discreet distribution of liquidated merchandise
  • Immediate payment via wire upon agreement for purchase
  • Same- or next-day product pickup
  • Purchase or sales anywhere in the continental United States
  • Sensitivity to customer channels, brand identity, and client relationships
  • Marketing Restrictions
  • Highest value and price
  • Quick pickup and delivery via an outstanding logistic network
  • Responsive communication and transaction management

Lewisco Holdings is different from most liquidators. We offer professional service from liquidators who have a great deal of experience. They’re empowered, funded, and informed. We use thirteen third-party warehouses for distribution, an in-house logistics team, a 400+ group of buying partners, and comprehensive best practices for any liquidation needs.

Our clients may include manufacturers of all sizes, importers, exporters, and other primary market members. We then service customers who are removed from those lines. These buyers range from small, privately owned deep-discount stores to Amish and Mennonite co-ops, local food banks, select dollar and discount stores, schools, prisons, and other non-traditional outlets.

Our buyers understand that they must commit to absolutely no advertising, marketing, or internet sales. All of our customers have a physical place where they operate.

When sellers choose Lewisco Holdings, they mitigate their losses, reduce their overhead, and regain the ability to invest in profitable goods. If you buy from us, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase discounted, brand-name goods. Our positive reputation comes from decades of operations successfully satisfying the liquidation needs of clients and customers.

Begin liquidation with a simple phone call or online contact. We will need photographs and product information to make an offer for purchase. We routinely buy from thousands of clients, and each is as important as the others.

Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to buy or sell from Lewisco Holdings, the best food and grocery liquidators in Long Island, NY. Choose us for straightforward liquidation, proxy sales, or auction services.