Food & Grocery Liquidators Jersey City, NJ

Participants in first and second lines of distribution in Jersey City, NJ need the services of food & grocery liquidators like those of Lewisco Holdings. Primary players have to balance inventory and move slow-selling products while secondary market participants gain the opportunity to purchase brand name goods for deeply discounted prices. 

Food & Grocery Liquidators Jersey City, NJAs the leading liquidator in the US, Lewisco Holdings can meet the needs of both ends of the product chain. We have our own dedicated carrier network, warehouse distribution centers throughout the country, and a deep well of purchasing power to operate quickly, which is vital for liquidation goods.

Whether you need to offload excess goods or operate in alternative channels and would like to buy them, call Lewisco Holdings. We operate without regard to location, quantity of goods, or time of year.

Understanding Liquidation Products

Assuming that liquidation goods are without value will lead secondary customers to miss out on opportunities to stretch a limited budget or maximize a small profit margin and will cause primary market participants to throw away goods that could be liquidated, taking a complete loss. 

We regularly liquidate goods that are nearly expired, short-coded, turned down or canceled after being ordered, overstocked, leftover from outdated versions of updated products, closeouts, discontinued product lines, disappointing sales, out of season, left after holiday or promotional expiration, or otherwise unwanted.

The goods that we at Lewisco Holdings typically buy cover the spectrum of grocery products and other household goods.

Goods that we purchase for liquidation purposes are directly targeted to a network of buyers with a few hundred members. Every one of our buyers operates in the alternative market and may be a small, privately owned retailer; a jail or prison; a deep-discount salvage grocery store; educational agencies; flea market vendors; farmers markets; and other off-the-beaten path organizations and retailers. We avoid selling to any customers that might overlap with the originally intended ones, including restaurants, supermarkets, or convenience stores.

These buyers operate with discretion. We require confidentiality to protect the brand, making sure that it’s not displayed in conditions that aren’t primary market worthy. If you choose to buy from our inventory, you’ll need to commit to following manufacturer restrictions pertaining to advertising, geographic bounds, display, and wholesaling.

Understanding Liquidation Sales

To rid yourselves of undesired merchandise and recoup a portion of your investment, contact us to provide the information our experts need to prepare an offer.

This information includes the brand/label, an ingredient list, photos, nutrition information, every date on the package’s interior and exterior, package size, quantity of goods per unit/case/pallet/load, location, and desired price.

We operate quickly. Liquidation goods are on a countdown, after all. Once we have product information, we’ll send an offer quickly, often the same day. Once an agreement is in place, we will pay right away and collect our purchase the same day or the next. 

With these goods now in our inventory, we will immediately determine the most appropriate buyer and target sales to them. Our efficient logistics network lets us work quickly, buying and selling problematic products.

When situations that merit the services of liquidators occur in Jersey City, NJ, call on Lewisco Holdings for efficient purchase and redistribution of food & grocery products. Dial (917) 651-0101 or follow this link to contact us for service.