Food & Grocery Liquidators Houston, FL

Independent dollar and grocery stores in Houston, FL, offer a steady supply of essential merchandise. Still, they need a source of inventory themselves – cue the food & grocery liquidators of Lewisco Holdings. We buy quality goods that are no longer well-suited for first-line market members and then sell those goods to opportunity buyers within the secondary market.

Food & Grocery Liquidators Houston, FLThe liquidation process works well when professionals, practices, and logistics line up. Being inappropriate for their original retail channels, liquidation-worthy goods need to be handled discreetly and quickly. Food and grocery merchandise packaging dates are fairly arbitrary, but as goods near these dates, they become ill-suited for first-line supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants. 

We sell to non-traditional outlets, including salvage grocery stores, independently owned retailers, schools, prisons and jails, flea market vendors, farmers’ markets, and more. 

Typical Conditions of Lewisco Holdings’s Inventory

Salvage grocery stores require expertise. Redistribution of liquidated goods requires understanding of why they’re not welcome within primary lines of distribution and acting accordingly. Liquidated goods are generally one of the following:

  • Closeout and marked-down goods
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Overstocked inventory
  • Leftover products from updated products with new formulas or packaging
  • Promotional, seasonal, or holiday goods
  • Canceled orders or turned down deliveries
  • Near or past best-by or expiration dates

Once goods have met any of these conditions, they’ll need to be sent away from primary markets. Liquidation allows these companies to recoup a portion of their investment without endangering the brand or its reputation, and our process works without requiring great effort.

When Lewisco Holdings’s buyers make purchases from our inventory, they gain quality goods that offer a chance to pay savings forward and build upon a narrow profit margin. As part of liquidation, we prevent our customers from brand display, advertising, wholesaling, or violating geographic limits. When this discretion is difficult, we provide repackaging of the goods as Mabel’s Farms, Lewisco Holdings’s own private label. 

Advertising will have little consequence when you offer low prices for brand-name goods. Word-of-mouth will have the neighborhood knocking down on your door.

When you’d like to become a buyer of Lewisco Holdings, reach out to our team. Our process requires a firm level of confidentiality, so we demand that buyers go through a vetting process and submit to manufacturer restrictions.

What You Can Buy from Lewisco Holdings:

  • Shelf-stable dry foods like crackers, cookies, pasta, cereal, and more;
  • Frozen foods like pizza, breakfast items, entrees, appetizers, and more; 
  • Canned meat, fruit, and vegetables; 
  • Refrigerated foods like cheese, yogurt, lunch meat, and more; 
  • Non-alcoholic beverages like bottled water, prepared coffee and tea, sports drinks, energy drinks, juices, and more; 
  • Pet food and treats – kibble, canned, jerky, etc.;
  • General merchandise including HBA, cleaning goods, and paper products;
  • Other household closeouts.

Additional services provided by Lewisco Holdings include acting as a proxy sales team and offering turnkey auction services for clients and product sourcing within our client network for specific items on behalf of buyers.

Food & grocery liquidators here at Lewisco Holdings serve Houston, FL’s primary and secondary markets. When family and organization budgets need to stretch, we provide the savings and products that make it possible. For more information or to take advantage of liquidation, complete this online contact form or call (917) 210-9395.