Food & Grocery Liquidators Greensboro, NC

Lewisco Holdings should be the liquidators of choice for your problematic food & grocery merchandise in Greensboro, NC. By removing these goods from your shelves and storage spaces and burying them in non-traditional markets, liquidation offers a fair, fast, and risk-free solution.

Food & Grocery Liquidators Greensboro, NCThe experience and skill that we bring to liquidation sets us apart in the liquidation world. Allow us to acquire your goods, for a fair sum, and we will take care of redistribution with absolute confidentiality and convenience on your part.

The products that we buy and sell are in usable conditions, but they’re not necessarily in the pristine condition you’d expect to see in standard retail environments. Liquidate as soon as possible when you notice goods in any of the following conditions:

  • Overstocks or overrun inventory
  • Short-coded or close-dated items
  • Leftover items with the older versions of packaging or recipes
  • Merchandise close to or passed its expiration or best by date
  • Slow-moving inventory
  • Closeouts and discontinuations
  • Cancellations and turned down loads
  • Seasonal, holiday, or promotional goods.

When we buy goods, we focus on certain categories. We deal in food and grocery items, pet food and treats, alcohol-free beverages, and other non-household closeouts. Goods that aren’t selling will continue to drag down your profitability and need to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

We work quickly, arriving to collect our purchase the same day or the next, beginning targeted redistribution right away.

To receive an offer based upon our estimation of the value of your goods, we’ll need all of the following information related to the products in question:

  • Label or brand
  • List of ingredients
  • Nutrition information
  • Photographs
  • Dates on the outside and inside of the package
  • Size of the package
  • Number of items or cases per pallet
  • Pallet numbers per load
  • Location of pickup
  • Anticipated price

We promise brand protection for the sources of our inventory. When we buy goods from you, be sure that we will transfer those products away from your customers and into appropriate channels without your brand being seen in less than ideal circumstances. Our long history of working with some of the biggest brands in the country serves as evidence of our integrity and effort.

We aren’t brokers or traders; we’re liquidators. We buy goods outright for resale, but we do not sell to the originally intended customers like restaurants, supermarkets, or convenience stores.

Our buyer group consists of 400 separate accounts including:

  • Small mom-and-pop shops
  • Private dollar stores
  • Correctional facilities
  • Schools and after-school programs
  • Deep-discount salvage grocery stores
  • Community food banks
  • Farmers markets
  • Animal shelters
  • Flea market vendors
  • Other non-traditional outlets

Lewisco Holdings’ liquidation efforts require many customers and clients with whom to partner, a large supply of merchandise, and a layered logistics network. Our solution will be quick, convenient, and discreet.

The buyers whom we target promise to refrain from display, advertisement, wholesales, or sales outside of prescribed boundaries. When the brand is difficult to display, we have a solution for that as well: our own repackaging brand, Mabel’s Farms.

Dial (917) 210-9395 or click here to explore how the best liquidators of food & grocery merchandise in Greensboro, NC, and beyond can serve you. Lewisco Holdings makes it possible for our clients to avoid waste, complete losses, lost time, and risked reputation. We also serve liquidation customers with quality goods at greatly reduced cost.