Food & Grocery Liquidators Florida

As expert food and grocery liquidators in Florida, Lewisco Holdings provides a profitable destination for your unwanted products. Our purchasing staff will confidentially value your inventory and help you decide on the best solution for selling your surplus goods.

Lewisco Holdings is a food and beverage liquidator and distributor to the secondary market throughout the United States. Our years of experience set us apart from our competitors. Whether you have pallets or truckloads full of products you want to sell, we are eager to hear from you.

Our Distribution Channel

Food & Grocery Liquidators FloridaLewisco Holdings has highly restricted sales channel comprised of over 400 independent accounts across the United States that enables us to move mass quantities of product while burying branded goods in the secondary marketplace without disrupting your primary markets.

Our network of buyers includes:

  • small, independent mom-and-pop retail stores
  • food banks
  • farmers markets
  • correctional facilities
  • schools
  • exporters
  • deep discount salvage stores

We honor all manufacturer restrictions and guarantee that we completely control the products so that our carefully vetted customers do not advertise or wholesale their purchases or sell to your current customers.

What We Buy

  • Food: Lewisco Holding specializes in shelf-stable dry, canned, frozen, and refrigerated food and groceries, including meats, frozen entrees, cereal and breakfast items, sauces and condiments, bulk spices and baking supplies, ice cream, bulk candy, and much, much more.
  • Beverages: We purchase all types of non-alcoholic beverages, such as energy drinks, protein shakes, sports beverages, soft drinks, juices and juice drinks, prepared tea and coffee drinks, bottled spring water, kid’s drinks, and more.
  • Pet Food: We also specialize in wet and dry pet foods, including kibble, dehydrated pet food, organic pet food, freeze-dried food, biscuits, dog/cat treats and more.
  • General Merchandise: Lewisco Holdings also has extensive experience with health and beauty products and general merchandise (such as paper goods and cleaning products).

Why Choose Lewisco Holdings?

Lewisco Holdings has completed thousands of transactions and understands the balance between getting you the highest price for your goods and getting them off your shelves quickly.

  • We purchase small lots and truckloads from coast to coast;
  • We do everything possible to safeguard your brand;
  • We make fast offers to purchase all of your surplus goods outright;
  • We provide an easy process with simplified transactions;
  • We pay promptly;
  • We are liquidation buyers, not brokers or traders.

We will make a fast offer to purchase your goods outright. We offer same-day and next-day pickup anywhere in the continental U.S. for delivery to one of our nationwide warehouses and redistribution to our buying group.

Stagnant food and grocery inventory can eat into your profits, take up valuable storage space, and cost you money. It’s time to find ways to turn the problem into cash to help your business move forward.

Food and grocery liquidators like Lewisco Holdings can help you clear your shelves in Florida for products that will improve your cash flow. Get in touch with us today at (917) 210-9395 to discover how we can help.