Food & Grocery Liquidators Elizabeth, NJ

If you need to services of food & grocery liquidators in Elizabeth, NJ, wouldn’t you want to choose the team that meets the needs of the majority of the top 100 brands in the US? Lewisco Holdings is that provider of liquidation services. We work seamlessly, injecting opportunity into products that are otherwise lifeless, allowing first-line marketers to gain as much as possible from their investment without risking the brand’s reputation.

Food & Grocery Liquidators Fremont, CAWhen products are close to expiration, slightly damaged, or simply selling slower than anticipated, don’t write them off. Reach out to Lewisco Holdings to conceal them within alternative customer channels where they can be used appropriately.

How Lewisco Holdings Operates

The aim of Lewisco Holdings is to prevent needless waste, make room for reinvestment, and return cash flow. Our clients appreciate the speed and fairness with which we operate so that they can return to profitable arrangements.

When we buy products, we’re then in a position to sell them to players in the secondary market like independent dollar stores, schools, and other alternative buyers.

Are you a seller or customer of liquidation-appropriate goods? Choose a provider like Lewisco Holdings with many contacts and a seamless transportation system in place. Our experience is proven. We offer successful liquidation for buyers and sellers throughout the United States.

The liquidation that we provide pertains to food, alcohol-free beverages, pet food and treats of all kinds, paper products, cleaning merchandise, and HBA merchandise.

As we liquidate these products, we make sure that they are protected with measures to ensure confidentiality. Lewisco Holdings thoroughly screens all of our buyers and requires that all of them adhere to liquidation restrictions against internet sales, wholesale sales, marketing, and violations of regional boundaries. We do not reintroduce the products that we buy into the first lines of distribution. Furthermore, we offer absolute brand concealment through repackaging as Mabel’s Farms, the Lewisco Holdings private label.

Over 400 customers shop our inventory. They may consist of deep-discount salvage grocery stores, community food banks, private dollar stores, correctional institutions, schools, and more.

When buyers shop with Lewisco Holdings, they should expect to find brand-name, high-quality goods in a condition that is less than pristine but perfectly useful. They may be left from a product that has recently been adjusted or discontinued, overstocked or overrun, close to expiration or best-by dates, closeouts, or out of season. Whatever the reason, you can be sure that we’re transparent as you consider purchasing.

The distribution process we utilize begins with an evaluation and an offer. We have deep purchase power to buy any volume of goods season after season, no matter the location.

In addition to outright purchase for liquidation, we can also serve as a proxy sales team. Allow us to find a buyer, and we’ll make the shipping arrangements for you. We can also provide a contact for auction liquidation. The buyer network also enjoys the opportunity to let us know the precise products that they need, and we’ll source them as quickly as possible.

Lewisco Holdings offers the services of professional food & grocery liquidators to the businesses and organizations of Elizabeth, NJ. Click here or call (917) 210-9395 for punctual, full-service liquidation for your inventory problems or to become a buyer of this merchandise. We can provide one-time services or a routinely scheduled liquidation provision.