Food & Grocery Liquidators Delaware

Food and grocery liquidators provide a valuable service. The primary marketplace needs an avenue for clearing shelves of slow-moving merchandise and the ability to recoup at least some of the investment made. Lewisco Holdings is among the best in Delaware and throughout the nation. We can confidentially, quickly, and fairly remove products from the primary market and bury them in other channels.

Food & Grocery Liquidators DelawareLewisco Holdings has a long history in the liquidation sector. We know what it takes to accomplish the goals of liquidation, and we can liquidate your goods no matter the amount while providing a fair price and confidential measures.

As merchandise lingers on your shelves, it becomes a hindrance to profitability. Customers may begin to assume that your products aren’t fresh, and as time goes by, the quality of the inventory may begin to lessen. If you’d like to recoup your investment before the goods are entirely unusable, allow us to provide liquidation services. Give us a call to see if we can liquidate your goods if they fall into one of the following categories:

  • Slow-moving or not moving
  • Overstocked
  • Close-dated or short-coded
  • Nearing “best by” or expiration date
  • Closeout or discontinued

Categories of Merchandise We Can Liquidate

Here at Lewisco Holdings, we purchase and re-sell grocery, non-alcoholic beverages, pet food and treats, and general merchandise products. The products we purchase and sell are buried deeply within the secondary market. Continuing to store goods that aren’t selling costs money without any foreseeable profit. Rather than completely cutting your losses and throwing the goods in the dumpster, we can pick them up quickly, pay fairly and fast, and use discretion when re-selling your branded goods.

Liquidation isn’t a complicated process. Consider the following information you’ll need to provide and the steps that will follow:

  • Pictures of goods in question
  • All dates on packaging, inside and out
  • Nutrition facts
  • Ingredient list
  • Label/brand
  • Package size
  • Quantity of units per case and per pallet
  • Quantity of pallets
  • Location
  • Desired price

Lewisco Holdings Will Protect Your Brand

Time promotes expertise because practice makes perfect. Over time, we have developed quite a group of buyer connections whom we trust to follow our guidelines as well as yours. We know how to protect your brand’s reputation as we re-sell your unwanted merchandise.

We limit your brand’s exposure. Our customers and yours will never overlap. We are neither brokers nor traders. The group of buyers that we sell to consists of various members of the secondary market. The group numbers over 400 but includes small retail stores, correctional facilities, schools, community food banks, and deeply discounted salvage grocery stores.

Our special group of buyers allows us to service many companies’ liquidation needs and sell a range of types of goods. As the practical solution for dead goods within the primary market, Lewisco Holdings offers a quick, simply, and discreet solution.

Damage to a brand’s reputation can be long-lasting and detrimental to the survival of a company. That’s why we place brand protection so highly on our priority list.

Should you be suffering from an abundance of unwanted products, reach out to Lewisco Holdings by calling (917) 651-0101 for the best among the food and grocery liquidators in Delaware. For a fair price, fast results, and free shelf space and cash flow, count on us!