Food & Grocery Liquidators Chicago, IL

With a supply of quality food & grocery merchandise from liquidators like Lewisco Holdings, small businesses and nonprofits in Chicago, IL, can provide discounts that help every dime go the extra mile.

Food & Grocery Liquidators Chicago, ILPrivately owned retailers, community food pantries, and other alternative outlets redistribute merchandise for the lowest possible prices. We buy and sell goods that are near the best by or expiration dates, mislabeled or with slight damage to the packaging, leftover from seasonal or holiday promotions, discontinued, overstocked, or otherwise no longer appropriate for first lines of distribution. 

When purchasing mistakes, damage, or other issues arise, we buy the goods and send them into a second life with non-traditional entities.

Our process focuses on removing goods from the first markets and sending them into secondary ones – without obstacles or limitations due to the volume of products, time of year, or location. 

Issues with Discounted Shopping

Shopping at salvage grocery stores has an unearned reputation of being somehow dangerous or unclean; however, many families find salvage grocery shopping to be a bit of salvation during times when financial strain demands budget adjustments. In general, an informed and observant shopper can find incredible discounts that help make budgets work. 

Suggestions for salvage grocery shopping:

Canned Food Items – Watch for deep dents. Small dents are acceptable, but a deep indentation might result in air entering, allowing botulism bacteria to develop.

Shelf-Stable Dry Food Items – Cardboard packaging may be damaged, but the interior plastic bag should be undamaged. Pasta, crackers, and other dry goods may not be at their peak, but they’ll be fine to use and enjoy.

Frozen Food Items – Visually inspect frozen foods to ensure they’re not harmed by freezer burn, which is not dangerous but will affect the taste of foods.

These food categories are generally good beyond the best by dates found on the packaging. You should consider the phrasing associated with these dates and whether they indicate when items should be sold for the best quality or whether the date indicates an estimate for safe consumption.

The inventory you find at Lewisco Holdings will be filled with quality goods that can be used or resold within secondary markets. We sell to salvage grocery stores, mom-and-pop shops, schools, correctional institutions, flea market vendors, farmer’s markets, and other off-the-beaten-path entities.

The categories of goods found within our inventory include all of the following:

  • Groceries and Food Items
    • Shelf-stable dry goods like pastas, cereals, crackers, and more
    • Canned vegetables, fruits, and meats
    • Frozen foods including appetizers, desserts, TV dinners, breakfast items, and pizza
    • Refrigerated items including dairy, lunch meat, etc.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
    • Bottled waters including spring, vitamin, flavored, and more
    • Sports and energy drinks
    • Prepared, bottled coffees and teas
    • Children’s drinks
    • 100% fruit juices including apple, orange, cranberry, blends, etc.
    • Fruit-flavored drinks like grape, orange, lemon, etc.
    • Sodas and other carbonated drink brands
    • Much more
  • Pet food and treats
    • Kibble
    • Jerky
    • Canned
    • Biscuit
    • More
  • General Merchandise
    • Cleaning implements and chemicals
    • Health and beauty aids
    • Paper products
    • Other closeout household goods

Food & grocery liquidators like Lewisco Holdings provide opportunity buyers like grocery stores, schools, and other alternative customers across Chicago, IL, and elsewhere with great inventory. Contact us via phone at (917) 210-9395 or by completing this online contact form to take advantage of liquidation as a seller or buyer.