Food & Grocery Liquidators Chesapeake, VA

Lewisco Holdings’ food and grocery liquidators serve the secondary market participants of Chesapeake, VA, as well as the area’s manufacturers, importers, and exporters. We provide an avenue for the first lines of distribution to overcome poor production decisions and opportunities for non-traditional customers to purchase high-quality, name-brand goods at rock-bottom costs.

Food & Grocery Liquidators Chesapeake, VALewisco Holdings is a respected liquidator with a nationwide footprint. Most of the top 100 manufacturers in the United States turn to Lewisco Holdings for liquidation services. We handle a variety of merchandise, including food and groceries, non-alcoholic beverages, pet items, and other household products. When liquidating property, we do so with a foundation built upon integrity, streamlined practices, and confidentiality.

The False Assumptions about Liquidation Products

Liquidation does not equal unusable. Lewisco Holdings doesn’t deal with goods that aren’t usable, and we’re fully transparent with our customers about the condition of our goods for sale. From being mislabeled to part of an expired promotion, the reasons for liquidation vary, and assuming that the products aren’t good will leave you with potential savings for excellent products.

The goal of liquidation is to confidentially remove products from the first distribution lines and conceal them within non-traditional markets. To succeed in this process, we have developed relationships and practices over the years. Our buyer network is critical to liquidation. We have screened each of these 400+ secondary market players and require that they submit to manufacturer guidelines. When needed, we also provide repacking as Mabel’s Farms, our private label.

The initially intended customer and ours must never overlap. We sell only to end-users – privately owned retailers, schools, prisons/jails, Mennonite or Amish co-ops, salvage grocery stores, etc. We do not sell to supermarkets, restaurants, or convenience stores. Our buyers must work out of a physical location; we don’t permit web sales, wholesale sales, or marketing of our products.

Companies call on us for liquidation because they trust that we will protect their brand; therefore, the buyers we trust must be equally committed to that protection. Otherwise, liquidation will not work.

We can work quickly because we have thirteen different third-party warehouses we work with, a dedicated carrier, and deep purchase ability. Our clients can choose outright liquidation, proxy sales, or digital auction services. We provide a better return than other liquidators in most cases.

Beginning liquidation is easy. Provide us with relevant product info and photographs. The information we require to make an offer may include the brand/label, ingredient list, product size, nutrition profile, dates on packaging (all of them), location, quantity, and desired price.

With this information, we will assess the merchandise’s liquidation value and send an offer, usually on the same day. If you accept, we will wire payment immediately and pick up our purchase that day or the next. We will begin targeted liquidation as soon as we understand how you want your products managed throughout the process.

Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to speak with Lewisco Holdings, the premier food and grocery liquidators serving Chesapeake, VA, and the rest of the nation. As a seller or buyer of merchandise that merits liquidation processes, you stand to gain from our expertly provided services.