Food & Grocery Liquidators Arlington, VA

Lewisco Holdings’ food and grocery liquidators offer experienced, fast, and proven liquidation services for first and second lines of distribution throughout the US. Food, beverage, pet, and household merchandise no longer suited to the retail environment can find new life in the secondary market, and we can return as much as possible of the expenses already accrued.

Food & Grocery Liquidators Arlington, VAManufacturers, importers, and exporters choose Lewisco Holdings for liquidation when any of the following situations occur:

  • Near or past expiration or best-by dates
  • Leftovers from product lines with packaging or recipe updates
  • Closeout or marked-down goods
  • Overstocked or overrun
  • Discontinued products
  • Seasonal, promotional, or holiday goods
  • Turned down or canceled orders
  • Otherwise slow-moving merchandise

The product destination is essential for liquidation, and we routinely restrict sales to secondary marketers like food banks, privately owned mom-and-pop stores, salvage retailers, and select dollar stores. However, we can limit sales further if the client chooses.

Each of our 400+ customer accounts has been thoroughly vetted and proven willing to adhere to all restrictions.

Extraordinary Liquidation Requires Structure and Practice

The superior results that Lewisco Holdings provides are not accidental. Over a long history, we have worked diligently to grow a trusted buyer and client base. We utilize a widespread collection of third-party warehouses, a dedicated national carrier, and well-honed best practices. Our clients know we operate with integrity, speed, discretion, and dedication.

Lewisco Holdings purchases and resells a plethora of merchandise:

  • Food and grocery items (refrigerated, frozen, canned, and dry)
  • Alcohol-free beverages (water, juice, soda, etc.)
  • Pet food and treats (jerky, kibble, biscuit, canned, etc.)
  • Cosmetics and toiletries (makeup, deodorant, soap, shampoo, etc.)
  • Cleaning products (toilet bowl cleaner, brooms/mops, all-purpose spray, etc.)
  • Paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, disposable plates and cutlery)
  • Other household items.

Lewisco Holdings buys products from thousands of sellers, including over half of the top 100 manufacturers in the US. We then resell these goods to just over 400 customers. During the process, we focus on discretion, speed, and communication. Successful liquidation, as we provide, equals less waste, greater return on investment, and opportunities to save for unique customers.

Reach out to Lewisco Holdings when you have aging goods – sooner rather than later. We often find alternative channels for products that are unsuitable for primary channels. We buy products routinely that remain unsold after a product update, have been overrun or overstocked, are marked as closeout, are near or past best-by/expiration dates, and are otherwise slow to sell. Waiting too long to call on us for liquidation may result in a complete loss because we don’t deal with unusable products.

The Lewisco Holdings processes are straightforward. When clients accept offers, we wire payment directly and make arrangements to collect the goods that day or the next.

If you’d like to receive a fast and fair offer to purchase your unwanted products, contact us and provide photographs, the brand, the ingredients, the nutrition profile, all dates on the packaging, the size of the package, the number of products, the pickup location, and the preferred price. That’s all we need to assess the products and return with an offer for outright purchase.

Clients can also choose to have us find buyers and arrange for shipment while they retain the goods. This option requires more time, effort, and patience on the client’s part, but it may provide a greater return.

Click here or call (917) 210 9395 to partner with Lewisco Holdings, one of the best food and grocery liquidators in Arlington, VA.