Food & Grocery Liquidators Arkansas

Lewisco Holdings is a superior operator among food & grocery liquidators in Arkansas. We’re privately owned and operated with decades of experience purchasing and selling goods that need to be removed from their position within the primary marketplace. We’re happy to help warehouses, retailers, and other members of the first lines of distribution who are burdened with surplus goods clear their shelves and get maximum return on their investment. In doing so, we assist those with a need for discounted rates to extend a small budget or limited profit margin.

Food & Grocery Liquidators ArkansasThe key to our successful liquidation efforts is the strong, established relationship that we have with sellers and buyers. Long-term connections and superb logistic capabilities enable Lewisco Holdings to operate with speed and discretion. We have the purchase power, transportation methods, and liquidation personnel at the ready to handle all transactions.

What goods can Lewisco Holdings liquidate?

We offer liquidation for many types of products including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Alcohol-free beverages (bottled spring water, flavored water, vitamin water; energy drinks; sports drinks; sodas; protein shakes; fruit juices; fruit-flavored drinks; ready-to-drink coffee and tea; kids’ drinks; and more)
  • Food and Grocery items (shelf-stable dry goods, canned vegetables and meats, frozen food, refrigerated groceries, condiments, bulk spices, staple ingredients, bulk candy)
  • Pet Food (wet cat and dog food, kibble, jerky, organic, biscuit style, etc.)
  • General Merchandise (HBA items, paper goods, cleaning products, etc.)

Who Shops Our Inventory?

Lewisco Holdings is a way for buyers to gain high-quality goods at steep discounts. We’ll provide charitable organizations and community institutions with a way to do more with a limited budget while offering private retail spaces with a way to increase profits while passing significant savings on to customers.

More than 400 separate organizations including private retailers, salvage grocers, schools, food banks, farmers’ markets, prisons, and other members of secondary lines of distribution make purchases from our inventory. We vet every buyer and target goods to the individual buyer.

Buyers can also call on us to find items of particular interest. We’ll scour our sources to locate the right products at the right prices as quickly as possible.

Where Do We Source Our Inventory?

Lewisco Holdings purchases goods from first-line distributors including some of the largest manufacturers and retailers in the country. Liquidation allows these companies to manage surplus goods and recover from poor investments and misspent overhead costs. Throughout the process, companies also appreciate the protections they retain over the products and their brands.

Why is Lewisco Holdings the best option for liquidation?

Liquidation can’t wait. If you’re in a position with crammed retail and warehouse space, you know this to be true. We can help you waste not one more precious moment or penny on holding on to goods that you can’t sell. Once you’ve regained space and capital, you will be able to reinvest in goods that will sell.

Brand protection from Lewisco Holdings works. We make sure every manufacturer guideline is followed and that products are concealed deeply within secondary markets.

Our processes are exceptional in promoting fast offers, payment, pickup, and delivery. Our warehouses have a nationwide footprint, and we have a dedicated carrier fleet.

Food & grocery liquidators are the solution for companies with surplus goods as well as buyers who can benefit from savings. Lewisco Holdings is top notch for Arkansas liquidation, and those interested in exploring liquidation options should call (917) 210-9395.