Food & Grocery Liquidators Arizona

Surplus goods that continue to collect dust on your shelves are costing you in terms of the investment that you’ve made as well as the overhead required to keep them. Solve this problem by transferring the goods into the secondary market. Lewisco Holdings is a quality company among the food and grocery liquidators in Arizona with the proven experience and skills to perform.

Food & Grocery Liquidators ArizonaGoods don’t sell for a number of reasons, but most of those reasons don’t make products worthless in quality even if they’re not appropriate for supermarkets and convenience stores. Short-coded, close-dated, slow-moving, overstocked, discontinued, almost expired, expired, closeout, older variations without current packaging or recipes, and cancelled products are all suitable for entry into the secondary marketplace.

Lewisco Holdings is a private liquidator with warehouses that stretch across the nation and the buying power and shipping capacity required to move any number of varied products. We’re experts in product liquidation, and our reputation and history of providing satisfactory customer experiences speak to our abilities and knowledge.

The money you’ve put into the products that you can’t sell doesn’t have to disappear along with the goods. You can choose to liquidate food, pet items, beverages, and general merchandise through our services and receive a fair price along with immediate payment, same/next day pickup, and brand protection.

Safeguards for Sales in the Secondary Market

We limit the group of buyers to whom we can sell our products, and we make serious efforts to protect the brand’s reputation. Our customers include small retail grocers, jails and prisons, schools, community food banks, and discount salvage stores, and each buyer respects manufacturer restrictions on sales including those related to geography and advertising.

The reputation of a brand is key to its continued success and profitability. For this reason, confidentiality must be respected. Members of the secondary market must handle products appropriately, and Lewisco Holdings goes above and beyond to see that it happens, even providing a private label, Mabel’s Farms, to ensure discretion.

The buyers with whom we partner, all 400-plus of them, can trust that we have quality products and bottom-dollar prices.

How Liquidation Works

Those who have product that needs to be liquidated can call Lewisco Holdings and begin the process. You can fill out online forms or give us a call to provide the information we need to calculate an offer. You’ll need to send photos, the brand, the ingredient list, nutrition facts, all dates on the inside and outside of the package, the size of the package, the products in a case, the cases on a pallet, and the pallets on a load, the location, and the preferred price.

Once we send an offer, you can determine whether or not to accept it. If you do, Lewisco Holdings will arrange for pickup the same or the next day. From that point onward, the product is ours to re-sell.

We will also send fast payment. Our reputation relies on paying a fair price and paying it fast.

If you have overrun shelves full of goods you can’t move, make way for more on your shelves and your cash flow by liquidating them. Lewisco Holdings stands out among the food and grocery liquidators of Arizona. Reach out by calling (917) 651-0101 to become a seller or buyer of surplus products.