Food Closeouts

The never-ending conundrum of food closeouts can greatly affect the profitability of your enterprise. These products are an inevitability, but how you deal with them can make a difference in the value of your return as well as the manpower and effort extended into the process. Lewisco Holdings offers an easy, fair, and discreet solution through liquidation.

Food CloseoutsLiquidation measures extend the life of products beyond first lines of distribution. Lewisco Holdings is a master of this process. We buy and bury name brand goods from some of the largest companies in the United States into alternative markets. Our long history of success has taught us how to best work the process and allowed us to amass a network of clients and customers. When you need liquidation on a one-time or recurring basis or would like to benefit from the low costs of liquidated goods, call on us.

Enlist Lewisco Holdings for Liquidation

The liquidation efforts of Lewisco Holdings focus on grocery items (frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry); alcohol-free beverages (bottled water, soda, juices, etc.); pet items (kibble and canned food, biscuit and jerky treats, flake and pellet fish food, etc.); general merchandise (paper products, HBA items, and cleaning implements/chemicals); and other closeout household items.

Our sources for the products that we redistribute are retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors from all over the country. Over 3,000 separate accounts receive liquidation services from Lewisco Holdings, entrusting us with the reputation of their brands when they encounter overstocks, short-coded merchandise, updates to packaging and formulation, closeout and markdown products, discontinued product lines, cancelled orders or turndown loads, seasonal merchandise, and other slow-moving inventory items.

Lewisco Holdings is a liquidator, not to be confused with a broker or a trader. We purchase goods outright and redistribute them into customer channels outside of those originally intended for the goods.

Our buyer group includes no restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, or other primary market members.

Instead, Lewisco Holdings makes sales to selects members of the alternative market. We have a vetted buyer group with 400+ members that includes a variety of opportunity buyers who value the savings that liquidated goods provide. Examples of our buyers include schools, prisons, small private retailers, food pantries, salvage grocers, farmers markets, flea market vendors, etc.

By keeping a tight reign on how our goods are displayed, sold, and used, Lewisco Holdings is able to provide our clients with confidence and trust in our liquidation abilities. Control measures that we employ include making sure that we do not sell to original customers and requiring that our buyers heed manufacturer restrictions regarding display, advertisements, and geographic bounds on sales.

When you’re ready to begin liquidation, contact us with relevant product information. We’re prepared to provide you with an offer, often that same day. If you accept said offer, we will collect the product that day or the next, clearing your shelves and storage facilities and allowing your cash flow and display areas to return to profitable sales.

Alternatively, Lewisco Holdings provides two additional options. We can serve as a proxy sales team that arranges for the sale and shipment of your goods, or we can provide a turnkey auction solution for your goods.

Lewisco Holdings is a leading liquidator of food closeouts. We make it easy, requiring one phone call and a bit of information. For more information on how to sell or buy liquidated goods, call (917) 210-9395.