Food Closeouts and Liquidation

Lewisco Holdings manages food closeouts and liquidation, helping first line distributors offload slow-moving merchandise for a maximum return. We specialize in a wide range of goods, primarily groceries, non-alcoholic beverages, pet items, and some general merchandise.

About Lewisco Holdings

Food Closeouts and LiquidationLewisco Holdings buries goods from primary lines of distribution into appropriate secondary market destinations throughout the country.

How We Handle Closeout Goods

Closeout goods refer to the process of reducing inventory when items are either salvaged or considered excess.

Excess Stock of Unsold Goods

Undamaged merchandise can still be considered closeout goods. Lewisco Holdings can help companies by purchasing items that just didn’t perform up to expectations. The resulting overstocked goods are considered excess, and we can likely purchase those products. Our wide network of buyers will hold an ideal destination for your products’ second lives.

Salvaged Products

When items are damaged, near or past expiration, or highly unlikely to sell for some other reason, they’re considered as salvage worthy. Accidents, flooding, and other incidents can cause the damage that renders goods to be appropriate for liquidation as a salvage good. Whether damaged, seasonal, or out of date, retailers can’t display the goods, and Lewisco Holdings can step in and purchase them for redistribution into salvage grocery stores, independent retailers, and food banks.

What Lewisco Holdings Can Do

Lewisco Holdings steps in to take goods out of primary markets and confidentially transfer them into more appropriate markets for a second chance at sale.

The key to liquidation services is our nationally distributed buyer group. We provide an avenue for redistribution of liquidated goods into other markets. Primary market members, like grocery stores and convenience markets, benefit from the protection the process provides by limiting losses to the extent possible.

We welcome all quantities of goods. Companies with a single pallet to entire warehouses of closeout goods should call us to arrange for liquidation. Our fleet of carriers, along with our numerous warehouse locations, make it reasonable for us to buy a host of products and distribute them quickly and discreetly to vetted buyers.

When you reach out to Lewisco Holdings for an offer, be prepared to provide us with the information that we need to estimate the merchandise’s value. We will need the label or brand, list of ingredients, photographs, all dates from the package (inside and outside), size of the package, quantity of units per case, pallet, load, the location of the goods, and your sought-after price. We can usually take this information and make an offer the same day. If accepted, pickup will be that day or the next, and payment will be immediate.

Those Who Buy from Lewisco Holdings

To purchase the goods within the inventory of Lewisco Holdings’ liquidated goods, buyers must be part of the secondary market. This status means that a buyer cannot be a mainstream grocery store, quick mart, or restaurant. Primarily, we sell to the following sorts of entities:

  • Schools
  • Jails and prisons
  • Dollar stores
  • Privately owned retail stores
  • Salvage grocery stores
  • Community food banks
  • Charitable organizations
  • Farmers’ markets

Purchasing from us allows stores to maximize the profit margin on their products and facilitates organizations with small budgets to stretch their limited funds as far as they can possibly go.

Lewisco Holdings stands ready to buy and re-sell food closeouts and liquidation. Whether you’d like to be a buyer or seller, reach out by calling (917) 210-9395.