Food Closeout Liquidators Near Me

Those searching for food closeout liquidators “near me” in the continental US, should find themselves quickly directed toward Lewisco Holdings. We are the foremost provider of liquidation services from coast to coast.

Food Closeout Liquidators Near MeWe have a wide-ranging group of customers that allows us to buy and redistribute large quantities of goods and conceal them well within alternative customer channels without interfering with the originally intended customers.

The clients and customers that we serve reap the benefits of liquidation. Our clients gain display and storage room while our customers purchase slow-moving, quality merchandise at deeply discounted prices.

We have the mechanisms and practices in place to purchase and redistribute products without regard to quantity, season, or location.

Lewisco Holdings…

  • Buys all quantities of goods throughout the continental US;
  • Protects the brand identity and reputation of our clients;
  • Protects the original customer channels;
  • Offers an easy liquidation with straightforward and fast transactions;
  • Pays immediately;
  • Makes an offer quickly, usually the same day;
  • Picks up goods the same or the next day;
  • Serves as a liquidation buyer – not a broker or a trader.

Getting Rid of Slow-Moving Inventory

Every item that you purchase isn’t going to remain a consistently successful source of profits. Disappointing items will always be a problem with inventory, and we offer a solution. You can either schedule our service as a one-time or recurring process of liquidation.

Keeping slow-moving items within your inventory is a mistake that will lead to even greater losses down the road. Instead of losing all of your investment, choose liquidation through Lewisco Holdings.

The 400+ customers of Lewisco Holdings are vetted and required to follow all manufacturer restrictions. Our buyers refrain from advertisement, display, selling on a wholesale basis, or selling goods outside of geographic boundaries.

When goods find their way into our inventory, we immediately target them to the most appropriate buyer. Our buyers run the gamut across the alternative market spectrum and include private retail stores, food pantries, jails/prisons, schools, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and salvage grocery stores.

These buyers appreciate the opportunity to buy name brand, quality goods at rock bottom prices. The level of savings we provide allows businesses to build a customer base by passing savings on or expanding the profit margin even further. Organizations we sell to are able to buy more on a finite budget, doing more good.

After redistribution, our clients can be confident that the original restrictions still guide the use of the merchandise, and the brand reputation and identity aren’t at risk.

Becoming part of our client network isn’t difficult. We buy from thousands of producers, distributors, and retailers throughout the US, and we buy products in all sorts of conditions including short-coded and close-dated goods; items close to “best by” dates; closeout and marked down goods; overstocked merchandise; products that have underperforming sales figures; older versions of products with updated packaging or formulas; mis-labeled goods; discontinued product lines; cancelled orders/turndowns; seasonal, holiday, or promotional goods; and any other slow-moving item.

Food closeout liquidators, Lewisco Holdings, are available “near me” from coast to coast. We have the experience, financial resources, and logistical capacity to provide regular, fair, and fast liquidation services. Explore how we can be of service to you by calling (917) 210-9395 or reaching out online.