Food Closeout Liquidators Florida

Food closeout liquidators like Lewisco Holdings serve businesses and organizations throughout Florida and beyond. We’ll take your slow-moving merchandise, preventing you from losing your investment. Our service extends throughout the Lower 48 – buying and redistributing goods into more appropriate arenas. 

Food and Grocery Liquidation through Lewisco Holdings

Food Closeout Liquidators FloridaLiquidation in the grocery industry refers to transferring products out of warehouses, distributors, producers, and retailers and sending them into non-traditional channels where they can be used or resold. This process must be handled discreetly, and no one does that better than Lewisco Holdings.

A first-class, proven grocery liquidator, Lewisco Holdings has an established experience of success, deep purchase power, and a strong transportation network for quick handling of all liquidation we perform. 

Key Benefits of Lewisco Holdings Liquidation

  • Liquidation buyers, NOT brokers or traders
  • Fast and confidential liquidation services
  • Clear out space for new investment
  • Mitigate losses and maximize recoupment
  • Assured brand identity and reputation
  • Adherence to all manufacturer guidelines
  • Appropriate for all volumes of products
  • Distribution centers throughout the US
  • Customers far removed from primary customer channels
  • Quick offers, payment, and pickup
  • One source for all liquidation needs

Lewisco Holdings’s liquidation pertains to more than food and grocery products. We buy and sell a wide range of food and household items including frozen, refrigerated, dry, and canned goods; pet food and treats; HBA items; paper goods; and cleaning chemicals and implements. Contact our team if you’re unsure whether a particular product fits the parameters of liquidation categories. 

Lewisco Holdings purchases inventory from more than 3,000 different marketers in the first lines of distribution. When we operate, we do so quickly, providing same day pickup or the following day at the latest. Fair prices, fast payment, and targeted redistribution allow us to accept goods in any of the following conditions:

  • Overstocked or overrun
  • Canceled orders or turned down loads
  • Close- or short-dated goods
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Products with disappointing sales performance
  • Leftover items from products with new packaging or formulations
  • Closeouts or mark downs
  • Seasonal, promotional, holiday goods

Turn disappointment into opportunity with liquidation. We’ll send products into alternative channels through a lengthy list of well-screened customers. Every single buyer must demonstrate that they serve far different buyers than the originally intended ones.The merchandise that we buy is never seen in conditions other than you’d want them to be. 

Liquidation needs will inevitably arise as a course of doing business. Whether you need recurring liquidation service or a one-time service, we’re able to meet the needs of your inventory.

In addition to liquidation, we offer our liquidation professionals as a proxy sales team and a direct connection to the auction marketplace. The first option will find the perfect buyer and arrange for shipment while you retain ownership of the goods, and the second option will allow you to reap the maximum return of your investment.

For our buyer group, we can also provide special services. When they require particular goods, we search through our connections of liquidation suppliers until we find them, and then, we’re able to provide them at rock-bottom prices.

Among the food closeout liquidations of Florida, Lewisco Holdings is the best. Find out how we can be of service as a provider of liquidation or a source for liquidation purchases by calling (917) 210-9395 or contacting us online.