Food Closeout Liquidators California

Proven food closeout liquidators in California and beyond, Lewisco Holdings provides a safe way to offload and recoup investment for first-line market participants. If you have liquidation-worthy goods, we want to buy them.

Independently owned liquidators and redistributors, Lewisco Holdings has an extensive history of success and an established set of logistics. We buy a wide range of product categories and conditions, varied quantities of goods, from all locations throughout the country, and at any time of the year. Our capacity isn’t limited by financial, shipping, or distribution avenues.

Food Closeout Liquidators CaliforniaIf you’re wondering whether the products that you have need to be liquidated, we suggest that you err on the side of sooner rather than later. A few situations that merit liquidation efforts include being close-dated or short-coded, overstocked, marked down or as closeouts, part of a discontinued product line, leftovers from a line with recent updates to packaging or recipes, canceled or turned down loads, seasonal goods, holiday products, or promotion leftovers. Any products that fail to meet sales projections and linger on shelves gathering dust stand to taint the surrounding merchandise within your stores.

Instead of allowing products to degrade beyond usability, liquidate them to recoup as much of your investment before it’s too late.

The product categories that we handle include a variety of food, grocery, and beverage products. We buy and resell dry, canned, frozen, and refrigerated foods; alcohol-free, shelf-stable beverages; canned, kibble, biscuit, jerky, and other styles of pet food and treat products; HBA merchandise; paper goods; cleaning products; and other household closeout items. 

When pursuing products for liquidation, Lewisco Holdings operates swiftly and secretly throughout the process. We evaluate the goods and make an offer usually on the same day that we receive the relevant information, and if you accept the offer, we will pay immediately and collect the products the same day or the one to follow.

To receive an offer for your products, send us the following info:

  • Photographs
  • Label and brand
  • Ingredient list
  • Nutritional profile
  • All dates from the package
  • Package size
  • Quality per unit/case/pallet/load
  • Location for collection
  • Preferred price

Lewisco Holdings Channels for Distribution

A buying group of 400+ separate accounts makes it possible for us to buy a significant amount of products from a variety of categories. We leverage a dedicated carrier network and thirteen nationally distributed warehouses to handle our inventory. 

Within this buying group, you’ll find privately owned dollar stores, community food banks, prisons and jails, schools, salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and more. We do not broker or trade; we buy goods and resell them. Our customers are never the same as the originally intended customers; we do not sell our inventory to full-line distributors, supermarkets, convenience stores, or restaurants for this reason.

Clients of Lewisco Holdings value their brand’s identity and reputation, and we make great efforts to protect them. Manufacturer guidelines regarding advertising, display, wholesales, and geographic bounds continue to govern the distribution of products even after liquidation begins.

In California, when retailers, producers, and distributors need to offload food closeout goods, they need liquidators like those at Lewisco Holdings. Reach out online by clicking here or calling (917) 210-9395 to contact our team for liquidation services or to become an opportunity buyer of our goods.