Food Closeout Liquidation Companies

Unsold food closeout merchandise needs the expert solutions provided by liquidation companies like Lewisco Holdings. We specialize in working quickly and discreetly to provide solutions for excess inventory that belongs in alternative customer channels.

Food Closeout Liquidation CompaniesThe process of managing inventory starts with an evaluation of item quantity, sales performance, and liquidation prioritization. Food liquidation merits faster solutions, and our logistics system and best practices create this capacity. 

Lewisco Holdings is well-known as one of the country’s foremost liquidation providers. We’re trusted for operating with integrity with all of our customers and clients, redistributing the overproductions, outdated products, nearly expired merchandise, and excess goods that we buy into secondary channels including discount stores and non-traditional outlets from coast to coast. 

Direct Products to Lewisco Holdings

The team at Lewisco Holdings recognizes the sensitive nature of liquidation-worthy products. The markets from whom we buy and those to whom we sell never cross.

Lewisco Holdings is a group of buyers; we do not broker, divert, or trade goods. Our fast purchasing and resell process transfers goods from our thousands of clients into alternative channels.

To sell us your goods, send details about them.

  • Photographs
  • Nutrition fact
  • Ingredient list
  • Package size
  • Dates on the interior/exterior of the packaging
  • Quantity per unit, case, pallet, and load
  • Location
  • Preferred price

Once we come to terms on the offer and agree, we will send payment right away and pick up products the same day or the one that follows. We serve the entire continental US, have a dedicated carrier network, and employ 13 different distribution warehouses throughout the country.

Reach out today to speak with a professional liquidator regarding selling or buying closeout goods. 

About Lewisco Holdings

Lewisco Holdings is a privately owned team of professional liquidation buyers. We have a committed team of liquidators who meet the needs of importers, producers, and distributors all over the country. We’ll purchase excess grocery and beverage merchandise in order to discreetly transfer them into nontraditional markets. A Lewisco Holdings professional liquidator will offer you a fair amount for your goods and target them to appropriate buyers.

With years of experience, Lewisco Holdings operates with professionalism at all times. Once we buy goods, we’ll collect them quickly and immediately begin targeting sales to our buyer group. We sell to a few hundred private dollar stores, community food pantries, private grocery stores, salvage grocery stores, schools, jails/prisons, and more.

Contact us for immediate assistance when you want to buy or sell liquidation appropriate products.

If you’re unsure of whether your products qualify for liquidation, reach out to our team. We’re able to give a variety of otherwise dead merchandise a second life with our service. 

The products that we buy generally fall into the following product categories:

  • Alcohol-free beverages
  • Frozen, refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable dry foods
  • Kibble, canned, jerky, and biscuit style pet food and treats
  • Paper products
  • Health and beauty items
  • Cleaning tools and implements

These goods are likely in the following situations:

  • Cancellations
  • Overstocked
  • Short-coded
  • Close-dated
  • Discontinued
  • Closeout
  • Seasonal
  • Otherwise slow to sell

Are you looking for the best food closeout liquidation companies? Lewisco Holdings offers convenient solutions to everyday inventory problems, including liquidation, proxy sales service, a turnkey auction connection, and targeted product searches. Learn more today by following this link to contact us online or by calling (917) 210-9395.