Food Closeout Buyers

When the continued success of your community organization or business requires deep discounts, consider becoming one of the many food closeout buyers we work with here at Lewisco Holdings. The quality and prices that we offer allow shops to extend savings and organizations to stretch every dollar!

Food Closeout BuyersLewisco Holdings extends in dual directions – as a buyer and seller of liquidated goods. We do not serve as brokers or traders. We purchase and remove goods from first lines of distribution and then sell them into more appropriate channels. Our financial backing, in-house fleet of transportation, and nationally located warehouses provide all the logistical capacity needed to work quickly and pay fairly with little effort required by those companies from whom we buy or to whom we sell.

The categories of products we liquidate are multiple. In addition to food of all types, we also welcome non-alcoholic beverages, health and beauty aids, cleaning chemicals, paper goods, and other items. When you have slow-moving goods that need to be liquidated, call our team at Lewisco Holdings to verify whether your goods qualify.

The group of entities to whom we sell products are targeted and screened. More than 400 separate companies and organizations benefit from the brand name, quality goods we sell at distinctly low prices. Generally, these include government and community institutions as well as privately-owned discount stores. As a matter of course, we do not sell to restaurants, supermarkets, or other first-line distributors.

Liquidation and confidentiality must go hand in hand. The label a company has worked to develop plays a large part in their products’ sales performance, and during liquidation, the label being displayed in poor condition could negatively affect that reputation. We ensure that our clients are satisfied with the protection they receive by requiring that our buyers honor all restrictions on advertising, geography, and display.

Progressing with a Liquidation Plan

Liquidation begins with a valuation of merchandise. Our straightforward process enables us to frequently provide same day offers to more than 3,000 sources. You don’t have to lose your entire investment. Reach out to us when your goods meet any of the following conditions:

  • Almost expired or, in fact, expired
  • Close to best by dates
  • Closeout goods
  • Part of a discontinued product line
  • Overstocked
  • Cancelled orders
  • Off-season merchandise
  • Slightly damaged or irregular merchandise
  • Slow-moving products

Liquidation is an exercise in trust. Companies in primary distribution lines have to trust that their brands will be protected from undue display or advertising, and we at Lewisco Holdings must be able to trust that our buyers will honor these requirements in every way. Lewisco Holdings is the ideal liquidator because of the steps we take to protect our sources:

  • Follow all manufacturer restrictions
  • Screen and target buyers throughout the country
  • Restrictions on advertising and heavy display
  • Require adherence to geographic boundaries
  • Provide private packaging under our own label, Mabel’s Farms, to protect original brand

Quick liquidation is one of the promises we make here at Lewisco Holdings. When you are ready to eliminate your problem merchandise, give us a call or contact us online. To make a valuation of your goods, we will require product information and photos. Once you’ve accepted our offer, we will pickup quickly and send goods out into the secondary markets through our distribution network.

Food closeout and other liquidation goods await buyers. Lewisco Holdings has an array of products available for purchase by our trusted buyers. To become one, give us a call at (917) 651-0101 to take advantage of our deeply discounted goods.