Food Closeout Buyers Texas

Looking for food closeout buyers in Texas? Lewisco Holdings is the best solution for discontinued, slightly damaged, and slow-selling goods. We provide inventory liquidation so that your entire investment in the products isn’t lost.

The foremost liquidator in the industry, we at Lewisco Holdings pride ourselves on meeting the needs of both our inventory sources and customers. 

Food Closeout Buyers TexasLewisco Holdings helps companies facing situations of surplus food and beverage materials. The professionals here have years and years of practice getting liquidation right. We make the most of every project, resurrecting goods that would otherwise be dead. We purchase products and transfer them into nontraditional markets with all due haste. The significance of the brand doesn’t go without consideration in our process; we safeguard the brand with full protective measures.

The strategy that we employ uses targeted purchases and sales with clear communication and fast transportation as integral to our processes. We have our own dedicated carrier network and thirteen nationally distributed warehouses to facilitate same- or next-day pickup for all of our purchases.

The Maximum Recovery

The experience that we have in the liquidation arena allows us to provide a fair offer for your goods. We offer top dollar for closeout goods and provide a fast solution that will remove them from your storage shelves with lightning speed.

The Best Brand Safeguards

Safeguards for your brand are essential to protecting customer relationships. Confidentiality is key when dealing with liquidation, and this element should include avoidance of liquidation sales within the originally intended market, display, advertising, wholesales, or extension beyond geographic boundaries. We sell to only the most trusted alternative customers and provide Mabel’s Farms, our own private label, for assured brand protection.

The Fastest Liquidation

To start liquidation, reach out to the team here at Lewisco Holdings. All that we need to establish an offer is relevant product details, your location, and your preferred price. You’ll receive an offer very quickly, often the same day. 

When we come to an agreement, you’ll receive payment immediately via wire, and we will arrive to take the goods out of your way that same day or the next. 

Our processes result in name brand, quality products available at lower than wholesale prices. We buy these goods to help sellers avoid a total loss, and our customers have the opportunity to buy from our inventory at incredibly low prices with the understanding that the brand and customer channels must be protected.

The product categories that we purchase and redistribute include all of the following:

  • Grocery items of all types – frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry
  • Alcohol-free and shelf-stable beverages
  • Wet and dry pet food and treats – kibble, canned, jerky, biscuit, etc.
  • Bulk spices, candy, and staples
  • Household goods – cleaning products and implements, cosmetics, hygiene merchandise, and paper goods.

We implement a thorough vetting process for all of our buyer group, making sure that every customer adheres to manufacturer restrictions and avoids reselling into the same customer channels as originally intended. We frequently sell to private stores, prisons/jails, schools, community food pantries, and other nontraditional customers.

Food closeout liquidation allows sellers and buyers in Texas to benefit from the services of masters in the industry like Lewisco Holdings. To contact us and take advantage of our liquidation purchasing or selling, contact us online by clicking here or via phone by calling (917) 210 9395.