Food Closeout Buyers Ohio

Food closeout buyers in Ohio should check out the inventory that Lewisco Holdings offers. Our clients provide us with plenty of quality inventory, available at lower than wholesale prices, and our buyers benefit from the diversity, quality, and price. 

The long-term network of sellers and buyers with whom we work provides us with a healthy rolodex. In addition to contacts, we provide the level of  logistics and purchase power required to move any quantity of inventory, no matter the season or location. 

The courteous team at Lewisco Holdings offers professional service to move products in various conditions. From closeouts to discontinued lines, overstocks, short-coded or close-dated merchandise, leftovers from products with updates to packaging or formulations, canceled orders or turned down loads, seasonal/holiday/promotional goods, and other slow-moving merchandise, Lewisco Holdings liquidates a variety of inventory conditions. 

The product categories that we buy are also wide ranging, extending from frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry food goods to alcohol-free beverages, paper products, HBA items, and cleaning tools and chemicals. We provide goods that aren’t well-suited to primary markets with a second chance at usefulness. 

A Lewisco Holdings’ Distribution Network

The ultimate fact that makes it possible for us to buy this plethora of liquidation inventory is the buyer group to whom we target sales. We sell to 400+ separate buyers who operate in the alternative market, such as privately owned small retailers, community food banks, correctional institutions, schools, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, farmers markets, animal shelters, and other non-traditional outlets. 

We DO NOT sell to primary marketers like restaurants, convenience stores, and supermarkets, and we make sure to protect the original brand’s identity and reputation, ensuring that the products aren’t seen in less than pristine condition by anyone you wouldn’t want to see them. 

Lewisco Holdings screens all of our buyers and targets sales to the most suitable buyer within that group. 

The Magic of Lewisco Holdings Liquidation

Skipping liquidation is a mistake. Your investment will be completely lost, and you’ll spend far too much on overhead. Liquidate these slower selling products to free up purchase power and storage/display space. Then, you can invest in products with momentum to move and turn your situation away.

Our solution will protect your brand and your investment by burying the products that we liquidate deeply within alternative channels. 

Alternative measures that we offer include:

  • Proxy sales services – our staff will find a buyer and arrange for drop shipping while you retain possession
  • Turnkey auction service – effortless digital auction for maximum recoupment

We also provide buyers with yet another service – targetedly searching for the specific products that you need. If you’d like to become part of our buyer group, reach out to submit for vetting and let us know which categories of goods you would like the opportunity to buy, and we’ll reach out when those goods come into our inventory.

Food closeout sellers and buyers in Ohio find excellent service from Lewisco Holdings. If you have products to liquidate, simply provide us with relevant product info, and we’ll get back to you with prompt offers, immediate payment, and same-day or next-day purchase collection. We serve the entire US, with buyers from coast to coast. Reach out today with a call to (917) 210-9395, or click here to contact us online. We provide a straightforward service for our clients and customers, and we invite you to discover how we can help your endeavors!