Food Closeout Buyers Illinois

Lewisco Holdings welcomes food closeout buyers of Illinois and the greater continental US. We buy goods from producers, distributors, and retailers when they are left with inventory that just won’t budge. Our efforts help them recover from poor product decisions while helping buyers gain quality products at a greatly reduced price. 

Integrity, speed, and discretion are the hallmarks of Lewisco Holdings liquidation. We offer proven experience, best practices, and a commitment to satisfying our customers and clients. Deal with us for fair pricing, fast service, and met expectations .

We handle a wide variety of product categories including all of the following:

  • Frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry groceries
  • Alcohol-free beverages like water, soda, and juices
  • Kibble, canned, jerky, biscuit, and other style dog and cat food/treats
  • General household products like cleaning, HBA, and paper products.

The network of clients from whom we buy these goods numbers in the thousands and includes some of the most prevalent brands in the world.Lewisco Holdings isn’t a broker or trader; instead, we purchase goods outright from first-line markets and conceal them thoroughly in the alternative market. Brand protection is as essential to our continued business as it is to our clients.

Call on Lewisco Holdings when you have products that don’t have the pristine qualities required of first-line markets. These conditions may range from being overstocked to outdated, leftovers, closeout, seasonal, promotional, or otherwise slow-moving. Delaying the call is a disastrous decision. The longer you wait, the more overhead you spend and the greater the risk of losing the entire investment becomes. 

At Lewisco Holdings, we buy, pay, collect, and sell our inventory quickly. Time matters with liquidation. Allow us to begin by making an offer; we’ll only need the following information:

  • Photographs of the goods
  • List of ingredients
  • Nutritional info
  • Every date on the inside and the outside of the package
  • Size of the package
  • Quantity per unit, case, pallet, and load
  • Location of pickup
  • Desired price

This info is all that our professional liquidators will need to make an offer, and if you like the price we’re willing to pay, we’ll wire it right away and arrive to collect the goods that same day or the following one. We use a dedicated carrier network and thirteen distribution centers all over the continental US to make short work of transportation of liquidation goods. 

Liquidation not right for your company?

Consider the two alternative approaches that we offer. We can either act as a proxy sales team, finding a buyer and arranging drop shipment while you retain possession, or we can put you in touch with a turnkey auction service for an effortless solution 

Lewisco Holdings Distribution Channels

Liquidation through Lewisco Holdings never results in sales to full-line distributors, restaurants, convenience stores, or supermarkets. We have a solid reputation and a strong network of customers that is thoroughly vetted and committed to adhering to manufacturer guidelines regarding advertising, geographical boundaries, display, wholesales, and more. 

Our buyer base includes non-traditional outlets like deep-discount salvage grocery stores, small retail shops, community food banks, correctional institutions, schools, flea market vendors, farmers markets, animal shelters, and other alternative channels. 

Liquidation requires food closeout sources and buyers, and Lewisco Holdings in Illinois serves both. To explore how we can be of service to your company, store, or organization, contact us online by clicking here or via phone at (917) 210-9395.