Food Closeout Baltimore, MD

Food waste and hunger are both serious problems in the United States, and the solution to both problems could be targeted liquidation. The solution to problematic food closeout merchandise in Baltimore, MD, is a call to Lewisco Holdings. We strive to connect unwanted goods from the ideal primary marketplace to alternative markets where they can be used by those who need them without food unnecessarily turning up in the landfill.

Food Closeout Baltimore, MDLewisco Holdings enters the picture when goods are slow to sell and begin to cause problems. Primary marketers are able to recoup a portion of what they initially invested and the overhead costs they’ve spent to hold onto the goods. We then distribute these goods to our vetted buyers within alternative customer channels.

Liquidation is a common answer to goods that are marked down or considered closeouts as well as those that are near expiration and best by dates, products with outdated packaging or recipes, part of a past promotion, holiday line, or seasonal product line, or otherwise slow-moving.

If you’ve considered buying liquidation goods but had concerns about their safety, reconsider. Lewisco Holdings regularly buys goods that may be expired according to the date on the box, but that doesn’t mean they’re unusable. Food goods don’t immediately turn bad because a date on the box says that they’ve expired. Our process identifies usable products and quickly directs them to the appropriate buyer including independent dollar stores, private retailers, correctional facilities, schools, food pantries, and other secondary market avenues.

Our inventory often includes all sorts of grocery products, alcohol-free beverages, pet items, and a range of general merchandise.

Freezing grocery items extends the life of many types of food. Any issues, like freezer burn, caused by this process will be visible upon inspection. Making purchases from a liquidation seller like Lewisco Holdings is a powerful way to extend a limited budget or profit margin. We have the processes, experience, and logistics needed to act quickly and discreetly.

By liquidating goods that aren’t meeting sales expectations, merchants are able to stock better selling products, and Lewisco Holdings strives to provide discretion – going to the extent of providing repackaging services under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms.

You can be sure that we will do nothing to damage the original brand’s reputation. Any company that buys from us has to submit to manufacturer restrictions, meaning that the goods won’t be advertised, displayed, sold outside of geographic limitations, or as wholesale goods.

We’re able to service buyers and sellers without regard to volume or location. If you have overstock, reach out to us via phone or online. With photos, information about the products, your location, and the desired rate, we can tabulate and offer usually the same day. Should you agree, we will send payment immediately and pick up the inventory that same day or the next. Once within our inventory, we will begin the process of targeted sales within our buyer network. We have warehouses throughout the country and a dedicated carrier network to provide fast service.

Alternatives to liquidation that we can provide include acting as a proxy salesforce or offering a turnkey auction service.

Food closeout buyer and seller for Baltimore, MD and beyond, Lewisco Holdings is ready to take on food waste. Reach out today, either online or by calling (917) 651-0101 to sell or buy liquidation goods.