Food & Beverage Closeout Liquidator

Should your company have food and beverage closeout goods and be on the hunt for a trustworthy liquidator, Lewisco Holdings is the clear answer. We’re privately owned, operate throughout the continental US, and provide fast and discreet liquidation service.

If you have slow-moving goods that take up space within your warehouse, driving up your overhead, and limiting your purchase power, or if you are seeking deep discounts to make the most of your budget or to earn the largest profit, Lewisco Holdings has the logistical power, financial resources, and professional best practices to meet your needs.

Safe Distribution to the Secondary Market

Food & Beverage Closeout LiquidatorControl of who is allowed to purchase your unwanted goods is critical to liquidation. Without confidence that your brand and reputation will be protected, the risks would make liquidation unadvisable. Lewisco Holdings has a targeted and screened buying group, and the size of the group and the variation within it allow us to purchase small or large volumes of a diverse range of goods.

Liquidating goods allows you to reap some benefit from the product without damaging the brand’s reputation by cutting prices too much in a retail space or having your retail space diminished by dying merchandise.

Lewisco Holdings protects brand integrity by burying the products deep within the secondary market. Mabel’s Farms is our private brand and label. We’ll repackage and rebrand to ensure confidentiality. The educational facilities, jails and prisons, grocery stores, salvage grocers, and exporters that receive our goods will not advertise or sell outside of the geographical limits assigned, strictly following manufacturer restrictions.

Responsible Liquidation to Protect Bottom Lines

Lewisco Holdings can handle any volume of surplus you need dealt with. We accept a wide variety of goods including the following:

  • Food (frozen, refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable dry goods)
  • Non-alcoholic beverages (bottled water, juice, coffee, tea, etc.)
  • Pet food and treats (wet, dry, organic, freeze-dried, etc.)
  • General merchandise (health and beauty products, cleaning, paper goods)

Liquidation with Convenience as Priority

When a company decides liquidation is the best course of action, speed and convenience should follow. Reach out to us with appropriate product information and pictures. We will follow up with a quick offer, often on the same day, and if you find it fair, we will send payment over immediately and arrange for pick up the same or the next day.

Because we have strong financial backing, our own fleet of shipping carriers, and warehouses located from coast to coast, Lewisco Holdings can provide hassle-free and profitable liquidation services.

Highlights of Lewisco Holdings Liquidation Services:

  • Brand protection
  • Ability to handle all volumes of products
  • Liquidators instead of brokers or traders
  • Capacity to liquidate from one side of the country to the other
  • Quick offers to buy products free and clear
  • Immediate payment
  • Hassle free process

Verified and Qualified Buyers

Lewisco Holdings provides our buying group with the chance to purchase top-quality merchandise for the lowest possible prices. Do the most with a limited budget or build profits by making smart purchases that aren’t available elsewhere. To buy from us, give us a call and supply a bit of information about the types of products you’d like to purchase, and we’ll follow up with available merchandise.

A food and beverage closeout liquidator can provide great advantages to the primary and secondary lines of distribution. Here at Lewisco Holdings, you’ll find experienced, prepared, and dependable service, so call (917) 651-0101 when selling to or buying from a liquidator will serve your company well.