Expired Food Distributors

Before tossing expired food into the dumpster, contact liquidation distributors like Lewisco Holdings. We will buy these goods, taking them off your hands and minimizing your company losses on the investment and overhead.

Expired Food DistributorsThe foremost independent food and beverage liquidation company in the US, Lewisco Holdings removes goods from primary markets and redistributes them into secondary ones. We have many years of proven experience, a deep capacity for purchasing, a dedicated carrier fleet, and multiple warehouses spread throughout the nation. Quantity, season, and location aren’t limiting factors to Lewisco Holdings liquidation process.

The Lewisco Holdings Inventory

Our specialties in liquidation extend to dry, canned, fresh, frozen, and refrigerated foods; alcohol-free beverages; and general merchandise items including pet food and treats, HBA merchandise, and cleaning products and implements. Generally, we buy these goods when they reach one of the following conditions:

  • Short-coded products
  • Close-dated products
  • Goods past best by or expiration date
  • Overstocked merchandise
  • Inventory with disappointing sales figures
  • Closeout products and marked down goods
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Older variations of products with new packaging or formulations
  • Canceled orders or turned down loads
  • Seasonal, holiday, or promotional merchandise

Food Dates Explained

The amount of edible food tossed in the trash because of a date on a package is tragic, especially if you try to square the figure with the number of hungry families in the nation. Lewisco Holdings strives to minimize this waste and extend usable goods to buyers that can use them.

The dates that you see on foods are established by the individual companies, not the FDA. In fact, the only category of food that requires dating is baby formula. The dates on most food are arbitrary and indicate an estimated peak of freshness rather than a point of inedibility.

You’ll see various commentary above the date on the package. The phrase indicates how the company views the date, and this date is always an estimate because so many factors go into freshness and quality of food goods.

  • Sell by date – Indicates the time when the store should remove goods from display.
  • Best if used by date – Indicates peak freshness, not safety.
  • Freeze-by date – Indicates the point at which freezing is necessary to retain the best quality.
  • Use by date – Indicates the point at which quality may begin to diminish, but it doesn’t indicate safety (except for baby formula).

Bear in mind that the user can generally tell when products are safe to consume. Smell, appearance, and taste are the best indications of whether food should be eaten.

Lewisco Holdings Is a Primary Liquidation Provider

Brand protection is built into the liquidation process; our buyers are distinctly separate from the primary line of customer channels. All manufacturer restrictions rule the resale, and we provide repackaging with our own private label, Mabel’s Farms, when required.

The liquidation process that we provide is fast. We provide a speedy offer, payment, and pickup, with little effort required by the client.

Lewisco Holdings is a liquidation buyer rather than a trader or a broker.

The numerous warehouses that we have throughout the continental United States makes redistribution speedy. Liquidation goods have a ticking clock.

Deal with expired food wisely through liquidation distributors like Lewisco Holdings. Explore our processes and potential by contacting us online or by calling (917) 651-0101 to speak with our liquidation specialists.