Expired Food Buyers

Every link in the food supply chain recognizes that storing excess food inventory adds to operating overhead. When the inventory experiences a slowdown or stoppage of sales, the effect on a business is substantial. As a solution, companies should look to expired food buyers, like Lewisco Holdings, to get rid of the dying or dead merchandise.

Expired Food BuyersBy purchasing and redistributing closeouts, overstocks, and expired food goods, we at Lewisco Holdings provide the greatest recoupment possible for your company. Contact us via phone or online and provide us with photos and relevant product information to receive an offer quickly – often the same day.

Lewisco Holdings is a leader in the liquidation market. We make it possible for companies with unwanted merchandise to turn the situation around quickly. Regardless of the quantity or type of goods, we will likely be able to help. We have the cash waiting to pay, the trucks waiting to pick up, and a bevy of scattered warehouses waiting to receive. We also have over 400 distinct organizations awaiting the opportunity to buy deeply discounted goods.

Make Room in Your Warehouse, Inventory, and Budget

From poor purchasing decisions to a season change or even an updated package or recipe, businesses often experience scenarios that lead to inventory that simply won’t sell. Storing these goods needlessly increases overhead costs and ties up the money spent investing in the products. Lewisco Holdings is more than willing to take these goods off your hands.

By liquidating excess products, companies can recover some of their costs. Lewisco Holdings provides an alternative method for getting rid of products that have little hope of selling. Something is better than nothing when it comes to dead merchandise.

Making the most profit possible is the hope of every business. Minimizing losses is one variable in the profit-making equation. The services of Lewisco Holdings allow for businesses to reduce overhead storage costs and investment losses.

Incurring lower storage costs makes sense for businesses. Keeping a large inventory requires space, equipment, and personnel – all of which cost money. The more inventory, the more money required. By limiting the amount of inventory stored, businesses face fewer expenses.

We purchase an array of products:

  • Frozen, refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable dry food
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Wet and dry pet food and treats
  • General merchandise including health and beauty products, paper goods, and cleaning products

Typical Buyers

After purchasing products, the second step in the process begins. Our buyers are the ideal destination for these goods. The goods will be kept far from primary lines of distribution, so our customers and yours will never cross. Examples of the typical buyers within our network include privately operated mom-and-pop shops, deep discount salvage grocers, educational and correctional facilities, and community organizations.

Brand and Reputation Protection

Lewisco Holdings offers the discretion and protection of your brand and reputation that you need when transferring goods to the secondary market. Our group of buyers is individually vetted and trusted. We even offer repackaging and rebranding to ensure that your products never show up where you wouldn’t want them.

If you have almost expired or expired food inventory, buyers are still out there! Lewisco Holdings makes it possible to turn a loss into a profit, so reach out today at (917) 651-0101. We’ll send a confidential, fair offer along with immediate payment and same or next day pickup should you accept.