Excess Shelf Stable Food Inventory Buyers

When excess shelf stable food inventory begins to slow down productivity and purchase power, your company will need buyers outside of the original markets. Lewsico Holdings sells and redistributes goods that are otherwise inappropriate for the originally intended consumer. Our network of those interested in buying and selling these goods is broad-based, varied, and numerous.

Excess Shelf Stable Food Inventory BuyersThe liquidation professionals at Lewisco Holdings are able to evaluate, purchase, and redistribute goods within the following categories that indicate their unsuitability for primary markets:

  • Closeouts and markdowns
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Overstocked merchandise
  • Items near the best by or expiration dates
  • Older versions of products with newer recipes and packaging
  • Cancelled orders and turndowns
  • Seasonal and holiday products
  • Slow-moving products for any other reason

Shelf-Stable Food’s Second Acts

Shelf-stable foods are of particular interest to liquidators. They’re typically good far beyond the best by dates indicated on packaging. As long as these goods are kept at room temperature, they remain safe to eat in most cases. Examples of such goods include canned and bottled foods, pasta, rice, flour, spices, oils, sugar, country hams, and jerky.

Lewisco Holdings offers more than just shelf-stable foods, though. We also buy and re-sell refrigerated, frozen, and fresh foods; alcohol-free beverages; health and beauty aids; paper products; cleaning tools and chemicals; and much more.

Our Distribution Networks

Liquidation measures require a healthy network of buyers, and Lewisco Holdings has a long-term collection of contacts over 400 strong. We screen each one and target goods to them. Alternatively, we have contacts to the auction network or can extend connections toward specialty buyers.

Lewisco Holdings sells to entities far removed from the originally intended market. Examples of our customers include independent mom-and-pop retailers, community food banks, correctional institutions, deeply discounted salvage grocers, farmers’ markets, flea market vendors, schools, and many more.

Our buyers are never allowed to advertise, display branding, or operate outside of the designated geographic bounds. Additional measures of protection include restrictions on sales. We do not sell liquidated goods to convenience stores, restaurants, distributors, or supermarkets. We maintain customers far removed from the primary marketplace.

This entire buying group is screened well. The connection to our buying and selling groups is well-established and professional. We keep loyal contacts because we deal fairly with both buyers and sellers of liquidation products.

The Key Benefits of Selecting Lewisco Holdings

Tying up purchase costs and continued overhead limits profitability. Choose to liquidate the goods that won’t move to reopen up purchasing power, make room for new products, and return to maximum profitability. The only answer for products that won’t sell is to liquidate them and purchase new merchandise that will sell better.

Lewisco Holdings is the liquidator that will act with speed and fairness in addition to discretion. Protect the original brand’s reputation by allowing us to discreetly conceal liquidated goods within the secondary marketplace. Every restriction required by the manufacturer becomes the obligation of our buyers.

Offering a service indispensable to business, Lewisco Holdings provides immediate payment and fast pickup and delivery throughout the continental United States. If you have excess food inventory of any kind, shelf stable goods particularly, reach out by calling (917) 651-0101 to begin the process of liquidation or to become a buyer of said goods. You can make arrangements for a regularly occurring service or on a one-time basis to try out our process.