Excess Inventory Liquidators Florida

Handling excess inventory through the service of liquidators in Florida should begin with a call to Lewisco Holdings. We offer clients a substantial return for products that are otherwise earning only dust and accumulated overhead.

Excess Inventory Liquidators FloridaLewisco Holdings takes great pride in helping both ends of our process. The companies we buy from gain freedom from the burden of dead products, and secondary market entities gain goods at significantly reduced prices that they can pass on to customers or extend a small budget.

In a world of hunger and need, we work diligently to minimize waste and direct food goods where they can be used without causing damage to the brand’s reputation.

The liquidation process of Lewisco Holdings can take on any volume of goods no matter where they’re found or the season of the year.

Liquidation Questions Answered

How can I get rid of surplus inventory quickly?

Taking care of surplus inventory as quickly as possible is ideal because each day that you keep it is another day that the overhead costs accrue and another day that you lack merchandise that will sell better. The process that Lewisco Holdings offers is fast. Once you send the relevant information about the products in question, we send an offer, usually that day. If you approve that offer, we will send the payment immediately and arrive to collect our purchase that same day or the next.

Where can I find a quality liquidator?

Your search for a quality liquidator will likely start online, as most searches do in modern business. You’ll find a large number of possibilities, but the leading liquidator in the US is Lewisco Holdings. We serve the entire country, from East to West, and we buy goods in a wide range of categories and conditions.

How do I liquidate older inventory?

Older inventory found in the storage and display spaces of first-line marketers can be liquidated successfully – even products beyond best by and expiration dates. Dead merchandise returns to life when you choose Lewisco Holdings for liquidation. We discreetly transfer goods into secondary markets where they can be used.

How do I find liquidation for entire warehouses of products?

Some liquidators may limit their services to small quantities, not wanting to overwhelm their own inventory or not having the funds or transportation logistics to handle large amounts. Lewisco Holdings is fully capable of handling any volume. We have our own dedicated carrier network, multiple warehouses spread throughout the country, and a deep well of purchase power.

How do I protect my brand during liquidation?

Liquidation can be risky for brands. The loss of control over how the products are used and displayed can put the brand in less than ideal conditions, affecting its reputation. Lewisco Holdings has guardrails in place to protect against this damage. We require that our buyers follow manufacturer restrictions:

  • NO wholesaling
  • NO display
  • NO advertising
  • NO selling outside  prescribed geographic boundaries

How do I get the best return for my slow-moving inventory?

Liquidation obviously involves taking a loss, but Lewisco Holdings will help minimize these losses. Our service will provide you with a fair offer, and we provide two alternative solutions for those clients interested:

  • Proxy sales service
  • Turnkey auction service

The abundance of liquidators serving Florida might leave you wondering who to call to deal with excess inventory, but the answer is always Lewisco Holdings. We operate quickly, fairly, conveniently, and confidentially. Reach out today by dialing (917) 651-0101 or clicking here.