Excess Inventory Liquidators California

The years upon years of handling excess inventory in California makes Lewisco Holdings one of the best liquidators available. We have the logistics, best practices, and commitment to accomplish the dual goals of helping primary and secondary market members.

Excess Inventory Liquidators CaliforniaLewisco Holdings is well known throughout the US for fair and fast operations, and we handle a broad range of food, beverage, and general merchandise categories. Within our client ranks, you’ll find some of the foremost brands in the country, and our buyer group includes hundreds of distinct entities that respect the confidentiality of branding and company identity.

We buy merchandise that no longer suits primary markets, meaning that it can’t be sold in regular supermarkets, used in restaurants, or displayed in convenience stores. Lewisco Holdings buys these goods for resale, and hanging on to them only stands to hurt the company’s profitability and reputation.

The process of liquidation can be damaging and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Lewisco Holdings is careful to protect from any of these factors. We strive to move inventory without heavy display, advertising, wholesaling, or extending beyond geographic bounds.

Follow a Few Simple Rules for Liquidation

Rule #1 – Prioritize Dependability

Whatever your reasons for liquidation – slow sales, warehouse closure, business failure, or a change of direction, the liquidator that you choose needs to be experienced and trustworthy. Only the best liquidator can provide fast, secure, confidential, and easy purchase of your unwanted goods for the highest possible price. Lewisco Holdings is that liquidation specialist.

Rule #2 – Act Fast and Act Early

Procrastination is poison to effective liquidation. Holding onto surplus goods will eventually mean that you have products that can’t be revived. Products, especially food and beverage items, become less and less viable as days go by. The earlier that you act on liquidation, the higher recoupment will be possible.

Rule #3 – Do Your Due Diligence

Liquidators are a dime a dozen, but quality liquidators are few. Prior to doing business with any liquidator, check references, online reviews, BBB ratings, and any other pertinent information. Lewisco Holdings is proud of our reputation and have worked diligently to prove ourselves to both the sellers and buyers whom we serve.

Rule #4 – Understand the Liquidation Process

Another step that should be completed before following through with liquidation is how the process will proceed. Lewisco Holdings begins the process when you send us the information that we require about the products in question. We’ll need photos, the brand/label, the package size, ingredient list, nutrition facts, quantity of goods, location of pickup, and desired price.

Once we have this information, we will then be able to estimate the value and make an offer. If you accept, we pay immediately and pick up soon after. You will not find an easier method of liquidation.

Primary marketers can feel comfortable entrusting us with their label. We offer seamless liquidation, on an on-going or one-time basis.

If those services aren’t right for you, we also provide turnkey auction services and the option to have us act as a sales team for your goods while you retain ownership. When we find a buyer, we’ll even arrange for shipping.

Are you liquidators looking for solutions to excess inventory in California? Call on Lewisco Holdings for arrangements that are both fast and fair by calling (917) 651 0101 or clicking here.