Excess Inventory Liquidation

When excess inventory inhibits the profitability of your venture, call on Lewisco Holdings for liquidation services. The process that we use to redistribute these goods is effortless and confidential, providing aid for our clients and our customers.

Excess Inventory LiquidationLiquidation can put primary marketers in a position of vulnerability. The brand can be inadvertently seen in less than pristine circumstances, tarnishing the company’s reputation. We strive to maintain separation between the customers of our clients and our buyers and require that those who buy from us maintain confidentiality.

Lewisco Holdings does not act as a buyer or trader; we purchase goods for resale. The nature of the products we buy requires that we work quickly and with all discretion as we place our products within the inventories of targeted buyers.

The buyer group that we target sales to is vetted thoroughly and consists of independent retailers, community food banks, correctional institutions, schools, flea market sellers, salvage grocery stores, and other non-traditional purchasers. As part of the vetting process, all of our buyers contractually agree to refrain from display, advertising, sales outside of geographic bounds, and wholesaling.

Mabel’s Farms, Lewisco Holdings’s own private label, encourages brand confidentiality with a repackaging solution. If products have an emblazoned label, this process will provide the needed discretion for liquidation.

The intent of our liquidation is to help opportunity buyers stretch small budgets or maximize profits while building a customer base by extending savings. In the process, we allow sellers to avoid taking a total loss or wasting usable product.

Lewisco Holdings is widely known as a leading provider of liquidation. Thousands of participants in the first-lines of distribution rely on us to deal with their excess merchandise, and we do so with speed, discretion, and fairness. These factors have led to long-term, established relationships providing us with a full, ever-diverse inventory. We’ve been sustainability experts since well before the term became a buzzword.

Timing Liquidation

Knowing when to liquidate can be tricky. Balancing the potential sale with the risks of holding on to dead merchandise can be overwhelming. We suggest that you do so sooner rather than later since the taint of unwelcome merchandise can extend to the whole of your inventory and your brand.

Liquidation is a clean break.

Afterwards, you’ll have empty shelves, returned cash, and the ability to buy products that will sell at a faster clip.

Consider the following lists of conditions that typically indicate liquidation’s suitability:

  • Near or past expiration dates
  • Overstocked inventory
  • Discontinued lines of products
  • Outdated versions of updated products
  • Mis-labeled items
  • Canceled or turned down orders
  • Outdated promotional products
  • Otherwise slow-selling products

The process of liquidation that we use relies on our dedicated carrier network, collection of warehouses, deep well of purchase power, and plethora of sellers and buyers.

If liquidation doesn’t work for you, consider the other services that we can make happen. We’re happy to act as your sales team, finding a buyer and arranging for transport, or we can offer a turnkey auction service as well.