Excess Inventory Buyers New Jersey

Calling all New Jersey excess inventory buyers to Lewisco Holdings! We offer solutions for problematic grocery and household goods to first-line market members, and that inventory then becomes available for entities who are interested in taking advantage of the low prices for quality goods.

Excess Inventory Buyers New JerseyGrocery, beverage, pet, and household merchandise liquidated through Lewisco provides buyers with the chance to help customers do more with less.

The Liquidation Process

When importers, retailers, and producers have liquidation worthy goods, they call Lewisco Holdings. Situations that merit liquidation may include any of the following:

  • Disappointing sales figures
  • Seasonal, promotional, holiday merchandise
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Canceled orders
  • Turned down loads
  • Closeouts and markdowns
  • Mis-labeled products
  • Outdated or near-dated goods
  • Older versions of product lines with newer packaging or formulations

When we buy these goods, our clients are able to recoup as much of their investment as possible without taking a complete loss. They also regain room to stock new merchandise and turn sales around.

This inventory is then offered to our screened buyers for sale or use. We’re proud to be able to minimize waste through our process.

If you’re looking for an inventory solution, choose Lewisco Holdings. We have the processes, capacity, and logistics to fulfill your needs.

What sets Lewisco Holdings above other liquidators is the convenience, experience, and contacts that we have to offer. We buy and sell from a large number of entities, so we deal in a large volume of inventory. In order to handle this broad range of goods and clients, we have thirteen warehouse facilities across the country and a dedicated carrier network to quickly transport the goods that we buy and sell.

The Path through Liquidation

Lewisco Holdings makes liquidation easy. We expertly take goods out of the first lines of distribution and sell them to secondary market members. Within our inventory, buyers find:

  • Frozen, refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable dry foods
  • Wet and dry pet food and treats
  • Household items
  • Cleaning products
  • Health and beauty aids
  • Much more

To liquidate the goods that overflow from your shelves, begin by providing relevant information. We will need photographs, the ingredient list, nutrition facts, the package size, quantity of goods, location, and preferred price. We welcome new inventory sources.

Alternative options that we provide include acting as a sales team for our clients while they keep the goods. We’ll find a buyer and arrange for shipping, allowing you to reap the highest return possible. We can also provide a turnkey auction connection.

Once we buy liquidation goods, we then begin redistribution. Lewisco Holdings buyers follow manufacturer guidelines, or we will not sell to them. These rules concern geography, advertising, wholesaling, and display, and we make sure that none of our customers overlap the original customer channels.

To become part of our 400-strong buyer group, you’ll need to demonstrate that you are part of the alternative customer market, willing to strictly follow guidelines, and contact us with the target products of interest to you and your organization.

The type of buyer we sell to includes community food pantries, prisons/jails, salvage grocery stores, private retailers, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and more. We do not sell to primary market members like restaurants, supermarkets, or convenience stores, and we offer Mabel’s Farms repackaging services for full brand concealment.

New Jersey buyers of excess inventory should call on Lewisco Holdings for a vast and diverse catalog of goods. Reach out today, either online by clicking here or by phone at (917) 651-0101.