Excess Inventory Buyers California

Are you an alternative market member in California, interested in becoming part of Lewisco Holdings’ collective of excess inventory buyers? We help both ends of the distribution chain deal with problematic grocery, beverage, pet, and household goods.

Excess Inventory Buyers CaliforniaAn established and successful liquidation expert, Lewisco Holdings deserves a call when you require liquidation as a seller or a buyer. Our contact network is strong, so we’re able to move extensive volumes of out of date, slow-selling, discontinued, closeout, and other troubled goods quickly, discreetly, and fairly.

Lewisco Holdings Inventory Sources

If you have products that are selling slower than you originally anticipated, consider liquidation as a smart option. We specialize in the sale of the following products:

  • Frozen, refrigerated, canned, or dry food goods
  • Alcohol-free beverages
  • Dry or wet pet food and treats
  • Household items

We buy from thousands of different producers, distributors, retailers, and other members of the primary marketplace in order to keep our inventory diverse and full. With this substantial inventory, we’re able to satisfy the needs of our buyer group with products that are outdated, overstocked, discontinued, or troubled for another reason.

Lewisco Holdings Inventory Buyers

The protection of the original sales channels and brand is of the utmost importance. Lewisco Holdings demands that all of our buyers act confidentially to honor manufacturer restrictions. The restrictions placed on our buyers prohibit heavy display and advertising, wholesaling, or sales outside of the prescribed geographic limitations. We also require that the original and final customers never overlap. For this reason, we do not sell to restaurants, convenience stores, or supermarkets.

Lewisco Holdings sells to 400+ different buyers all over the country in order to thoroughly conceal the goods that we buy for our inventory. The alternative market members that we sell to consist of the following:

  • Mom-and-pop retail shops
  • Deep-discount salvage grocery stores
  • Community food banks
  • Correctional institutions
  • Schools
  • Farmers markets
  • Flea market vendors
  • Dollar stores
  • Other secondary market participants

The sales process that we at Lewisco Holdings use will ensure that products do not re-enter primary lines of distribution. Our buyers stick to the rules, or they don’t buy from us. In order to comprehensively conceal the brand, we offer repackaging under our own label, Mabel’s Farms, when necessary.

Lewisco Holdings regularly deals in large volumes, various product categories, and all seasons of goods. Provide us with product info to quickly receive a top offer, and we’ll arrange for immediate payment and prompt pickup that same day or the next.

We make it easy and fast to get rid of the goods you can’t sell.

Alternative options that we offer clients include acting as a sales team on your behalf. We’ll find a buyer and arrange for shipping while you keep the goods in your possession. Another option is to provide a turnkey auction service to help you access the auction market for your goods.

Buyers can also request specific products when they need them, and we will search our inventory sources to supply those needs.

If you’re a private retailer or an organization with a limited budget looking for an entry point to become one of Lewisco Holdings buyers of excess inventory, or if you’d like to sell problematic goods, call us today at (917) 651-0101. You can also reach us via online contact by following this link.